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Strategic Priorities 2015/2016


Strategic priorities for 2015/16


Teaching and Learning priorities 2015/16

Status on 01/09/15



Time lines

1. To continue supporting the HT and staff in raising standards in school

SATs results for 2015 are excellent however we should not be complacent!  Raiseonline not yet available (October/November).  HT and CLA will review and report back to GB meeting in December

CLA to monitor progress and achievement at termly meetings.



2. To ensure objectives identified in the SDP are addressed

SDP summary will be presented to the GB on 5/10/15.  There has been some delay in this presentation due to the HT’s sick leave, however the DHT has worked hard to ensure that objectives have been largely met 

SDP  summary will be reviewed termly at FGB meetings



3. To consolidate the work of the CLA

CLA is well organised with clear objectives for 2015/16, including development of Link Governors

1. To monitor progress and achievement for all children.

2. To report on progress and achievement for Pupil Premium, Gifted and Talented, and Special Needs pupils, including VFM for Pupil Premium




Ongoing, termly report to FGB

4. To review Teaching and Learning requirements in the new Ofsted regulations, and ensure CLA is conversant with these

Governors awaiting ‘new Ofsted’ briefings.

Update 16/11/15

Following Ofsted briefings an information meeting for governors is planned for 18/01/16 regarding Ofsted requirements

Ann Arscott and Ron Taylor attended new Ofsted briefing


To be initiated in the Autumn Term CLA meeting

5. To receive and monitor implementation of the Hampshire guideline on “Life after Levels

Governors awaiting training from Hampshire




Update 16/11/15

Following Governor Services briefings an information meeting for governors is planned for 18/01/16 regarding the new assessment process.

Ann Arscott, Glenda Thornley and Jo Baker attended Life without Levels Briefing



Governance priorities 2015/16

Status on 01/09/15



Time schedule

6. To reconstitute the GB in accordance with Statutory Guidance May 2014

In hand

Completed 05/10/15



7. To elect Chair and Vice Chair, and determine their term of office

Chair (AA) is willing to stand again,

Vice Chair (DM) would like to stand down but continue as Chair of F and R.  One governor has expressed an interest in the VC role

Update 16/11/15

Ann Arscott elected as Chair

Glenda Thornley elected as Vice Chair

06/11/15 Don Monk elected as Chair of F and R

13/11/15  Glenda Thornley elected as Chair of the CLA committee

Adrian Wiley elected as Vice Chair of the CLA committee



And subsequent Committee meetings

8. To review committee membership.


Draft committee structure completed

Review October 2015 to ensure all mandatory requirements are covered

CoG for approval by whole GB

TBC 05/10/15

9. To review Training Needs against committee membership and new governor status

Need governor (s) to undertake:

  • Safeguarding /Safer recruitment training
  • Performance Management training
  • Financial Management Training

AA completed Performance Management training on 30/09/15.


Anne-Marie Datlen

For discussion on 05/10/15

10. To support new governors



Potential new governors visiting school on 2/10, will be given verbal info about their role, they already have written info.

Ensure they know who to contact if any queries

Ann Arscott, Anne-Marie Datlen


11. To ensure the GB is fully conversant with the new Ofsted Framework for Inspection

Ofsted ‘Good’ in March 2014.  New framework states that schools rated Good will routinely have a short inspection 3 years later, unless SATS levels, attendance, or other factors suggest it should be earlier

Information meeting for governors planned for 18/01/16

GB must be familiar with new Ofsted Framework.  We have already booked some governors into the Briefings, and will book others if there is space.

Governors to report back to GB


Autumn Term 2015

12. To review the Teachers’ Pay Policy in the light of recent advice


Work in progress

Chair of Pay Committee will ensure this is carried out

Don Monk

Report to GB meeting in December

13. To review policies which require updating


Whilst we have made considerable progress in this there are still some which need to be reviewed 

Relevant committees to ensure policies are up to date. 

Clerk and GB


14. To review the GB SEF 


Completed by CoG for 2014/15 

Delegated to working party of 3 governors for 2015/16

Mandy Thomson, Jo Baker, Wendy Scevity

Spring Term 2016

Accountability priorities 2015/16

Status on 01/09/15



Time schedule

15. To ensure we work within budget, bearing in mind VFM objectives


2014-15 budget managed very effectively by AS/ CC/DM resulting in a cumulative surplus of £ 95,137.29.  A very balanced three year budget plan adopted by the GB with clear objectives for the next three years and the impact of performance management and performance related pay factored in.

Continue to monitor spend against VFM. Ensure budget focus and objectives set against development needs within the school.

DM and F and R

Ongoing, termly report to FGB

16. To ensure the CLA, are able to access and interpret performance data.


Lay members should be able to interpret performance data and challenge effectively however we need to ensure that we are able to monitor progress and achievement in the ‘life without levels’  scenario

CLA to action this


To be discussed at first CLA meeting of the Autumn Term

17. To ensure Pupil Premium is spent effectively


This is monitored jointly by the CLA and F and R

16/11/15 Update presentation on Pupil Premium by Chris Bristow.

Need to agree how this will be carried out and reported.

Chairs of F and R/CLA

Termly review

18. To ensure that Safeguarding responsibilities are fulfilled and the annual audit completed

Safeguarding Audit completed by Andrew Shore and Ann Arscott September 2015.

Governors to attend INSET morning on Safeguarding at the Infant School on 12/02/16

Report written by AA for FGB on 05/10/15


Annual report for first GB meeting of Autumn Term.

19. To ensure that Health and Safety audit is completed

Needs to be completed

H and S audit completed October 2016

Governors with responsibility for H and S appointed

Clerk/H and S governors


20. To ensure that the principles of British Values are taught and upheld in the school

WGB training session booked for February 2016




21. To review results of the questionnaire to parents

AS absence during the first part of the Summer Term delayed this

To be sent out November 2015

Andrew Shore

Nov 2015

Other priorities


Status on 01/09/15



Time schedule

22. To work co-operatively with other campus schools on the Schools Travel Plan.


Travel Plan completed and published July 2015

Coffee morning to discuss car share did not attract any response, we feel we cannot give more time to this.

Other actions in the plan will be initiated by the teachers with responsibility for this.  Ann Arscott responsible for updating the plan

Andrew/Ann/Jade Searle


23. To meet with HCC to discuss any option for safer access to school

The various suggestions put forward by a local working party do not offer any solution/are not viable, including a cycle/pedestrian way parallel to the allotments. A pathway across BM land remains the best solution to safer access for cyclists and pedestrians.  The rationale for promoting cycling/walking is well known.

Arrange meeting with HCC /county and district councillors to assess if there is any possibility of achieving this.


Autumn Term

24. To expand the Governors’ page on the school website to give more information about the GB and what it does

Names and committee membership must be published.  Unrestricted minutes are on the website, but there is no legal requirement for this at present.

The GB newsletter is also included

Update 16/11/15  The Clerk is in the process of updating the website.  We will

Include Governor Priorities and update termly

Sandie Dulieu/Ann Arscott


25. To support parent voice

AA attended one meeting.  This was a useful exercise, and should be continued.

Need to have adequate notice of meetings

Chris Bristow


26. To listen to suggestions put forward by pupil voice

This was put forward by governors in Autumn 2014 but needs to be enacted

Glenda Thornley and Jo Baker to attend



27. To continue to support Friends of Foxhills activities





Additional focus added 25/10/2015

Status on 25/10/2015



Time schedule

28. To establish systems for monitoring and evaluating the school’s C.L.E.A.R. statement of vision and ethos

Governors and HT will discuss this at an information meeting on 18/01/16