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Children as Leaders

RED Force



We are the group of children who have been chosen by our class (by democratic vote) to be ambassadors for Rights, Equality and Discrimination.  As a Rights Respecting School, respect underpins our ethos.  RED Force is the steering group for awareness of equality amongst our school community.


We lead learning about rights, equality, diversity and assertiveness in assemblies, on UNICEF’s annual Day For Change and by marking charity days, such as Children in Need and Comic Relief.


We have an annual visit to the Houses of Parliament, in London, to learn more about democracy and the way our Government operates. 


See below for some examples of what we do.


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Each year Red Force representatives visit the Houses of Parliament, in London, to learn more about the British system of democracy and the importance of using your voice to make a change.

Follow the links below to learn more about the visit:



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