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Computing Overview



Our intent at Foxhills Junior School is to provide opportunities to use new technologies as much as possible to help children learn key computing and problem solving skills which they can apply later on in their education / life.  Central to all of the learning covered, is how to use the internet in an effective way including how to keep safe and how to protect our information. 



All classes have a dedicated computing lesson once a week with additional sessions and projects to develop their skills further.  Children have access to our bank of laptops and chrome books as well as a fantastic resource of circuit boards and electrical equipment to develop their coding and programming skills.   


In line with the new National Curriculum, we have created our own scheme of work for computing. Children will learn progressive skills across a range of projects with cross-curricular links.  There is also opportunity for them to develop and refine other computer life skills such as typing, word processing, data handling, creating and editing pictures etc. (see overview below).


This year, we are pleased to be training 18 children across the school as Digital Leaders who will be responsible for helping to deliver online safety advice to their peers.



Through an integrated approach, children will make links and use problem solving strategies to apply in other areas of the curriculum, and later in their lives to wider contexts and situations.  They will have a respectful and responsible attitude towards on-line safety whilst being able to make maximum use of internet capabilities and new technologies.