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Consultation for the Proposed Federation of Foxhills Infants and Foxhills Juniors

28th February 2022


Dear Parents,


As you are now aware, Mr. Shore will be leaving Foxhills at the end of the Summer term.  He notified the governors of his intention to do so early in the Autumn term, which has given us time to research and consider the options available to us for securing the future strategic leadership of Foxhills Junior School. 


In November, the Infant and Junior Schools Boards of Governors jointly agreed to explore the possibility of a federation comprising both schools. This would represent a major strategic change to the management of both schools.  We met with Hampshire Inspection and Advisory Service for Schools (HIASS), and embarked on carrying out the essential research which would enable governors to make an informed decision. 


 This included:

  • analysis of published research and advice on federation
  • meeting with chairs of governors and a headteacher of existing successful federations to discuss their experiences of federation.  Two of these schools were very similar to Foxhills.
  • Discussions with Hampshire Inspection and Advisory Service (HIAS)


Overall, our findings were overwhelmingly positive on the benefits of federation, as it would offer the best educational and social opportunities for all our children. On February 15th both Boards of Governors met and agreed that we should move to the next stage of the federation process, which is to seek the views of parents, staff and other stakeholders on the proposal through formal consultation.


We ask that you carefully read the attached Consultation Document and the FAQs and then complete the online survey, as your views are very important to us.  If you have any questions, please include them in the response form, send them via, or ask a governor face to face at one of the special meetings (see consultation document for details).


Finally, I would stress that the governors of both schools support the proposal to federate unanimously as they believe it offers the best opportunities for all the children attending the Foxhills Schools.


Thank you for participating in this important consultation.


Yours sincerely,


Ann Arscott            

Chair of Governors    

Foxhills Junior School