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Foxhills Junior School

Foxhills Junior School

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What is our curriculum offer?

Our intent is for children to embed our CLEAR values during their time at Foxhills Junior school.



Our Values underpin our curriculum



Treat each other and property with respect/ keep ourselves safe and healthy



Be prepared to learn new knowledge and skills/ apply learning strategies to reach our goal



Value all learning opportunities/ engage with activities in and out of school



Set high expectations and always give our best/ take pride and celebrate all successes



Know our next step in learning/ seek out ways to do things better next time



Our ambitions for children

We have high ambition for all children in our school and our curriculum reflects this, enabling each and every child to;


  • grow sound social, moral and cultural attitudes, 
  • learn how to keep themselves safe, both in and out of school,
  • develop transferable skills that will support their future learning and employment,
  • value learning opportunities and become a life-long learner,
  • be a critical thinker,
  • use their voice to speak up for their rights and equalities, and against discrimination,
  • excel in reading, writing, mathematics and science,
  • develop a wide understanding of the world in which they live.



How we create our curriculum

Our rich and diverse curriculum is formed through using a combination of;

  • the statutory National Curriculum,
  • integrated Projects we create, and
  • everything else that happens in school, (from early morning clubs through to after-school activities, including break times, assemblies, trips, visitors, sports and clubs).



How we implement our curriculum

Our curriculum is implemented through;

  • An EPIC approach to learning;

Enquiry-led -   children are active partners in their learning.

Purposeful -    learning is meaningful and there is an end goal.

Innovative -     learning is personalised to meet children’s needs.

Challenging -   the pitch, pace and standards of learning are right for each individual child.

  • Providing children with a rich and varied range of learning experiences in a broad range of subjects, which enables them to acquire new knowledge and skills (see Project-led learning).