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Easter Activities

Below are a list of fun activities that you could do over the Easter Holidays:


  • Don't forget to enter our Creative Writing Competition! Write a poem, story or other piece of writing based on the theme of "Hope". 

        Closing Date: 1st May 2020.

  • Make an Easter wreath 

  • Create an Easter Egg hunt in your house or garden. Instead of finding eggs, you could also hide a series of clues leading to different locations, with a prize at the end, or create a scavenger hunt with a list of things to find!
  • Design an Easter card. 

  • Hold an egg and spoon race  - who can reach the end without dropping their egg? Maybe you could hold an "Easter Olympics", with lots of different challenges! Don't forget to make medals, and award these at a Closing Ceremony!
  • Create a Sock Bunny and recycle some old socks (no sewing required!)

  • Learn to identify the names of the trees, plants, flowers and birds that are appearing now it is Spring.

  • Do some birdwatching!

  • Decorate some eggs using paint or felt pens. You could use egg-shaped rocks and pebbles if you don't want to use up any real eggs. Perhaps you could create a scene with different egg characters, or decorate them in the traditional way.

  • Imagine you are Willie Wonka, and design and name a brand new type of chocolate bar or sweet. What would the ingredients be? What will the packaging look like? How will the Oopma-Loompas make it? What special properties will it have?
  • Learn to play Hot Cross Buns on your recorder! Perhaps you could teach another family member, too?
  • Carry out an Act of Kindness for someone in your household each day. Do or say something small that will make them smile. Make a list of all of these acts so that you can look back on them and feel happy!
  • Create a research project about how Easter is celebrated around the world. Can you find our what 'Happy Easter' is in different languages? What traditions do other countries have that are the same or different from the U.K.?
  • Go outside or to a window (with permission) and sketch or paint some Spring-time flowers or blossom. Can you spot any daffodils, crocuses or tulips?
  • Up-cycle some materials around your home to make an Easter basket. Use an old box and other materials that would otherwise be thrown away.