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Foxhills Junior School

Foxhills Junior School

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Foundation subjects


Hieroglyphics were pictures or symbols used instead of letters.  Can you crack the code (see resources) and then write some messages using hieroglyphs?

River Nile

Research how important the River Nile was to the Ancient Egyptians.  Locate the Nile on a map.  Write 5 facts you have learnt.  What is a shuduf?  Can you make a model of one?


Make a quiz about what you have learnt about Ancient Egypt.  This could be a list of questions and answers or make it into a board game, card game or PowerPoint.  Play it with your family!

Egyptian Day

Finally, dress up as an Egyptian.  Display your learning like in a museum.  Give a guided tour to members of your family and teach them some of the amazing things you have learnt about the Ancient Egyptians.  Remember to take some photos and email them to your teacher.  Have fun!