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Foxhills Junior School

Foxhills Junior School

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... in the classroom

Our safeguarding procedures are robust!


Each and every adult who works or volunteers in a classroom must


1) obtain a Disclosure and Barring Service certificate.

This ensures that all unsuitable adults are screened out. The school sees this certificate and adds the details to our safeguarding Single Central Record (SCR).


2) complete an induction with the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher.

This ensures that everyone understands the expectations of them, their personal responsibilities and the school's procedures and policies. Adults are asked to sign the induction form to acknowledge that they understand how these policies are applied in school. 


3) understand their responsibilities

Safeguarding children is the responsibility of every adult who works or helps in a school.


We have a formalised staff 'Code of Conduct' which includes a "Do's and Don'ts of working with children". Not only does this ensure that children are kept safe but it will also protect adults too.

All staff are expected to report concerns to a Designated Safeguarding Lead and know how to do so.



We greatly value the support we have from our team of volunteers. All adults who help in the school, on a regular basis, complete a DBS check and also a Child Care Disqualification Declaration form. They also meet with the Headteacher or Deputy Head to complete an induction interview. This ensures that the adults working with your children have been vetted and can be trusted.


Visitors to the school

Some adults who visit the school will not always have a DBS certificate, particularly if it is for a one-off visit. In these cases, they will still undergo an induction with the Head or Deputy Headteacher, but will never be left alone with children. If a visitor intends to come to the school on a regular basis, then we will conduct a DBS check.