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At a recent INSET day, all staff worked in teams to begin to develop a better and deeper understanding of each of the four Learning Apps.

The statements you see below are the first draft. We will be applying these apps in our teaching, in the children's learning and will be exploring different ways to promote them in the classroom.

We will continue to re-visit these Apps, to revise and improve our approach to each one.




We believe all children are unique and should have the opportunity to develop their independence.  Along with the other learning apps, independence is a vital element that will build confidence, self-belief and a sense of responsibility.  Through making choices and reflecting upon their learning, children will become organised, adaptable, meet deadlines and aspire to better themselves.


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We believe that every child is creative.

Creativity is at the heart of our learning which, enhanced through discovery and play, equips children to develop skills in perseverance and adaptability to meet the demands of our ever changing world.


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We believe that children should be given opportunities which foster collaborative learning in order to achieve a successful outcome. To enable children to achieve this, we believe that they need to build positive relationships through understanding how their choices can benefit and affect others.


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We believe that it is important to allow the children to express their own ideas to extend their learning. Inspiring children through purposeful, engaged learning will encourage them to utilise resources and develop life skills.


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