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Meeting 3 - 26th January 2015

Minutes of the Full Governing Body


Held on Monday 26th January - commenced 7pm


Present:                  Mrs. Arscott – Chair

                             Mr. Shore – Headteacher

                             Mrs. Thomson – Staff Governor

                             Mrs. Datlen - Co-opted & Training Liaison Governor

                             Mr. Fillis – Co-opted Governor

                             Mr. Thomas – Co-opted Governor

                             Ms. Scevity – Co-opted Governor

                             Mrs. Thornley - Parent Governor

                             Mrs. Baker – Parent Governor

                             Mr. Webb – Parent Governor

                             Mrs. Sides – Parent Governor

                             Mr. Taylor – Parent Governor     


Apologies:                Mr. Monk - Co-opted Governor

                             Dr. McKechnie - Co-opted Governor


In Attendance:         Mrs. Dulieu – Clerk



Signed:                  A. Arscott                                         Date:    17/03/15


Mrs. Arscott opened the meeting by presenting Mr. Fillis with a certificate and badge for 20 years’ service as a governor at Foxhills, to 25th January 2015. Congratulations and thanks were offered to Mr. Fillis, who tirelessly comes into school weekly to hear children read and attend many events.

1. Apologies

Apologies were received and accepted from Mr. Monk and Dr. McKechnie. The clerk confirmed that the meeting was quorate.

2. Declaration of pecuniary interests

None were declared.

3. Minutes of last meeting, 2nd December 2014

The minutes of the last meeting were proposed, seconded and all agreed that they were a true record.

4. Matters arising

a) The Action Point list was updated, with the following noted:

1. Ongoing - Consultation on updating the school logo is in progress with Pupil Voice. Class feedback is being collated on whether to keep the fox logo or otherwise and governors’ thoughts would be appreciated. A mood board has been created and will be shared with governors.

ACTION: Mr. Shore

2. Discharged – on this agenda. See item……

3. Discharged – on this agenda. See item 10.

4. Ongoing – Mrs. Datlen and Mrs. Thornley are in discussions.

5. Ongoing – Mr. Shore has delegated this task to John Tompkins, who is awaiting advice from HCC on whether he can trim the neighbour’s hedge or not.

6. Discharged – CRB issued.

8. Ongoing - Access has been organised for members of the CLA Committee and passed to Mr. Thomas. Two members of the Finance Committee have received theirs. Mr. Shore will pass access details to the remaining governors.

10. Ongoing – the Pay Policy has been updated as far as possible and a meeting with Mr. Monk will take place, as soon as he is available, to finalise it.

b) Reverend Paul Holley came into school, met Mr. Shore, Mrs. Arscott and attended an assembly. He commented that it was a lively, vibrant school and agreed to apply for the governor vacancy. Mrs. Arscott read out his application, gave some background and proposed he be co-opted. This was seconded and all agreed, with none against and no abstentions.

c) An agreement has been reached with HS3, the company who runs the school kitchen, to share employment of Lucie (one of the gate wardens). They will cover one hour, for food prep and tidying up, whilst the school covers the other hour for the hall at lunchtime. There remains a shortage of staff during the lunch period so the recruitment flyer will be sent out; thanks were offered to Mrs. Baker who has offered to distribute them around the village.

7:10pm Mrs. Sides arrived

5. Headteacher’s verbal report

Characteristics of Foxhills Junior School as at 26.01.14:


Year Group

No. of Pupils


Boys / Girls





% Not






% SEND Support


EHC plan

No. of




52.2 / 47.8











47.1 / 52.9











54.3 / 45.7











57.3 / 42.7











52.7 / 47.3










 OFSTED AREA 1) – ACHIEVEMENT OF PUPILS (Requires Improvement)

Y6 Targets


82% - 85%


2+ levels progress



3+ levels progress




(!) Denotes high expectations and an ambitious target.


The SLT has graded the school as RI for this category as SEN/PP children are not attaining in line with national expectations. Neither are they achieving as well as their peers as yet.

Year 6 target for SATs results is set at between 82 and 85%, which is ambitious considering that last year’s cohort achieved 79% although it is believed to be achievable.


Year 5 – 75% on track to achieve L4+. This is the most vulnerable year group, although they have had the highest KS1 attainment in last 5 years.

Children who attained Level 2 at KS1 who definitely were not at that level when they joined Year 3 are most vulnerable and additional support is targeted for the Summer term.

Year 4 – 86% on track to achieve L4+. They are expected to reach 90% by end of Y6.

Year 3 – 90% on track to achieve L4+. Challenge will be to keep this percentage but we are pleased with the learning so far.

Special Education Needs                  

With the retirement of Jan Robinson, Chris Bristow has taken over role of SENCo.

42 children are currently on the SEN register Y3 (10), Y4 (9), Y5 (14), Y6 (9)

4 children with an EHC (Education, Health and Care) plan (formerly Statemented). Over the Autumn term, Chris converted all Statements into EHC plans. There are now three distinct sections: one for pupil/ parent/ school; an arduous task, which has increased the amount of paperwork.

Looked After Children

5 children currently LAC: Y3 (2), Y4 (1), Y5 (1), Y6 (1)

This is a high proportion, when compared with other schools this may be a reflection of the surrounding affluent area. Chris Bristow is the Designated LAC teacher.

Children eligible for Pupil Premium (PP) – Ever 6 and Ever 3 pupils

46 pupils are eligible for the Pupil Premium: Y3 (13), Y4 (9), Y5 (11), Y6 (13)

Performance still is not in-line with non PP children. Targeted interventions have been put in place with two additional part-time teachers in Y6; one all day Thursday, the other in the afternoons. Jennie Bailey continues to support all PP children through 1:1 tutoring.


From Sept 2015, Chris will fully take over PP and assume the role of Inclusion Leader for AEN, LAC and PP children.


Matt Goodchild leads Mathematics and is developing the T&L approach. Last year, teachers began to use ‘cut-away’ groups during lessons. The school is now moving to a system where the teacher gives 4-6 individual inputs, which requires close collaboration between teacher and LSA (this will have training implications). Trialling has begun with Hayley Sired and Natalie Hogbourne before a whole-school rollout.

A governor asked how success will be evaluated. Via the progress of children – it has been shown that children can move through maths concepts quickly and teachers will be assessing as they go.

7:19pm Mr. Thomas arrived

The coaching approach to improving the quality of Teaching and Learning has been introduced across the school. This is non-judgemental, but supportive. All teachers have valuable skills and it is anticipated that everyone will be coaching each other using their area of strength. This is a big investment, both time and financial, in staff development and involves coaching release time plus subject leader time, which has been discussed at the F&R Committee meeting. Mr. Shore will present the CLA Committee with observation outcomes at the next meeting.



  • No recorded racist incidents this term
  • No recorded reports of bullying this term
  • New guidelines for Safeguarding – which have wider implications for staff. If household members have been convicted for certain offences, or are violent, the member of staff is unable to work with children under 8.
  • No exclusions
  • New requirements issued by DfE for Behaviour Policy which will have to be amended over coming term.


  • Attendance to date is 97% overall. This time last year it was 97.2% and ended the year at 96.4%
  • HCC will be introducing new guidelines in Sept 2015. Mr. Shore will advise governors of these, once they are confirmed. It is anticipated that HCC will reduce the trigger time from 20 sessions in 100 days to 10 sessions, which equates to 5 days. This won’t have to be a continuous absence. Guidance will be given on what constitutes ‘Exceptional Circumstances’ for allowed authorised absences. HCC will also take a far more proactive role in issuing Fixed Penalty Notices. Parents will also be penalised for children’s regular late attendance for those who arrive after 8:55 although the registers don’t close until 9:05 at the moment. Children who arrive by bus will not be registered late as this is outside of parents’ control.

A governor asked if there had been many requests for holidays this year. No, but there has been an increase in sickness absence. Headteachers are asking for guidance from the Local Authority.


The SLT reviewed current leadership roles as they had identified that the Deputy Head, Phase Leader and Curriculum Leader roles overlapped, particularly relating to Teaching and Learning. These have been clarified and will be shared with staff at INSET (12/13 February.

No guidance has been received on the assessment system that should replace the old levels as yet, but the Phase and Literacy Leaders have met to discuss known National Standards. They have devised an age-related point score, based on the Year 6 required measure, and applied them to each year group. It appears that the current Tracker system will no longer be suitable so alternatives will be sought and costed. This will be discussed further in CLA meetings.


Resources: Personnel/Staffing:

  • Jan Robinson retried at end of the Autumn term and she had a grand send-off in the whole-school assembly. A thank you card has been received from her
  • Congratulations to Olivia Moore, who went on maternity leave at end of Autumn term. She had a baby girl, Scarlett Grace, at the beginning of January
  • Helena Callister now covers 6OM for 3.5 days and Chris Bristow 1.5 
  • There are currently two student teachers in Y3 and Y5
  • Mr. Shore has joined an International teacher scheme this year, and two Korean teachers will be joining the school for two weeks from 27th January. They will be in Y5 and Y6. A governor asked if they had come via Winchester University. No, they are from independent companies. Calmore have also taken two
  • There are no long term staff absences
  • Attendance of staff has been incredibly high over the Autumn term and Mr. Shore thanked all members of the team who continue to bring themselves in to work, even when they are feeling under the weather. It makes a big difference to the children

Resources: Finance             

  • The budget has been affected this year with long term absences, an increase in pension contributions, plus a 1% cost of living increase for all staff. However, it continues to be managed carefully and it is showing a surplus in carry-forward
  • Performance Management process reaches mid-way stage this term. All staff will be reviewed

INSET (12th and 13th February 2015)

Two packed days are planned, with EVOLVE training (off-site visits), First Aid (LSAs), website training on how to amend pages/ add photos; Subject Leadership with policy writing and curriculum subject overviews, as well as Project planning time.


One complaint has been received this term, related to the danger for drivers and children along Foxhills Lane. The Headteacher has responded to the parent explaining the school’s position. There have been no complaints about school matters, Mr. Shore believes that this is because communication between teachers and parents is good.


Mr. Shore attended an appeal for a Y3 place last week. The parent has a place for their reception child in Foxhills Infant School but Y3 is full (90 pupils). It has been confirmed that the school lost the appeal and will be taking an additional pupil in to Y3 (91 pupils). A governor asked how these decisions were taken.It was deemed that the inconvenience was less impacting to the school than to the parent if their child had to attend two different schools. There is no appeal to this decision.

Partnerships with Parents and the Wider Community:

  • Year 3 Tri-times outcome PowerPoints are on internet, Music (brass), Toys 4 U– link with Year R. The children made games for the infants, which were brilliant
  • Year 4 WWII Outcome to parents and local community – songs and stories about the war and evacuation
  • Year 5 Visited Winchester Cathedral, concluded with Saxon Fair
  • Year 6 Mary Rose Living Museum – Sea Shanties and Biscuits. They also held a successful SATs evening, where revision books were sold. A governor commented on the informative and interesting evening and if the books were still available, as some sold out quickly. The books can be ordered if there are none in school. The PowerPoint presentation is also on the school website
  • Choir – Jane Kelly organised three main events before Christmas: Winter Fair, Autism Society (Hedge End) and Woodlands House. All successful events and money raised for the Autism Society
  • Drama Club – a fantastic production of Aladdin to parents was sold out for both nights

Premises and Resources:

  • The new pathway on the east side of the drive is about to commence construction, which should be completed by the commencement of the new half term. Questions regarding safety during construction have been raised with Oliver Coleman. A governor asked what the final budget was.Under £20k excluding solar lighting, which would have taken it too far over-budget. The school is not contributing any funds towards the cost of the path. Governors briefly discussed how the new path would be utilised :  it is proposed to have a one-way pedestrian system in and out of school.  A new, raised, zebra crossing will also be built at the bottom of the drive. A governor expressed concern over the one-way system but this is not a decision that has been set in stone, it can be trialled first. Also, the current path is 1m wide; the new one will be 1.5m wide. All possibilities will be considered
  • Floods along the driveway will hopefully be resolved with new path development
  • Barker Mill has stated that they will resolve the drainage across the field, if the proposed development goes ahead

Wider aspects of the school

  • Further interactive flat screen boards have been purchased but there are difficulties in installing them in Year 5 and 6 classes, due to thin walls and the possibility of asbestos. Currently seeking solutions
  • Consulting over new school logo and seeking views of the children via Pupil Voice. It would be appreciated if governors would decide upon a Mission Statement/slogan, which could be included in the school logo and replace the current ‘We Care,’ e.g.
    • High Expectations lead to High Achievement
    • Learning today for a better tomorrow
    • Learning for a better future
    • Today’s challenge, tomorrow’s gain

     Samples will be sent to Governors over the next week.

ACTION: Mr. Shore

A governor asked if the new tablets had been used in school. The Headteacher is disappointed with the six that were recently purchased. They have their uses where laptops are not available, but they don’t have the power to run the programmes and apps that they were planned for. Other options are currently being explored as although iPads would be ideal, they are very expensive.


A governor, concerned about the vulnerability of the current Year 5 group, asked what plans were in place to address the progress issues. It is predominantly the PP children that are not making as much progress as their peers and interventions are already in place. In addition, once the SATs take place, the extra support currently in Year 6 will transfer to Year 5. At present, 75% of children are on track to reach level 4+ so the situation is not critical but with a target of 85% next year, additional support will be necessary. The main challenge is for individuals who were deemed to be at level 2 at the end of KS1, when they were only level 1.


A governor asked if the anticipated support from Hounsdown for Level 6s was going to take place. An email has been received, with an offer of £26 per hour plus an hour for planning. The Headteacher does not consider this good value for money. It was hoped that a small group of children could join classes in Hounsdown for some maths lesson, but it appears that this is not on offer; Mr. Shore will be talking to Mrs. Turvey tomorrow.  A governor asked if Hounsdown were already involved with year 6 pupils as her child had taken part in after school activities with children from other schools. Not at this stage and Mr. Shore was unaware of this happening since he joined.

After April, an English Leader will be joining the school which is an exciting prospect. The Writing moderations don’t take place until June, so the new teacher will have the opportunity to impact results in the four weeks between SATs and the deadline.

6Report from F&R Committee

Mrs. Arscott had chaired the meeting in Mr. Monk’s absence and the minutes were circulated in advance of the meeting, separately from the agenda pack. A governor asked if it was known whether pupil numbers were going to increase. Not yet although there is much interest from parents for the September 2016 intake, which may result in more applications. An increase of one class in Year 3 is expected for September 2016 and there are plans to decommission the IT suite to accommodate these children. Governors discussed whether this was advisable, but this was the Headteacher’s plan anyway as mobile technology improves. Governors discussed the working life of laptops, battery charging, the class moving through the school etc., seeking alternatives to this plan. None of the other classes are suitably close to be viable and the PCs in the suite can be distributed around the school for projects and integrated learning. A governor asked if the school could refuse to take the additional children but as there is space in school and HCC set the admission criteria, this would not be possible. Funding would be provided to convert the IT suite back to a classroom, which would be put to the most effective use for the school.

7Report on updating school policies

The Chair thanked the Clerk for her time and effort in further organising the school policies for review.

Both the Data Protection Policy and Home/School Agreement were circulated with the agenda for views and adoption.

Data Protection Policy, a standard document taken from HCC, was proposed, seconded and all agreed that it should be adopted.

Home/School Agreement governors questioned the need for a note for a child returning from absence, as this has never been enforced. The Headteacher will look into this, as it was thought that this was a requirement by the Authority, and report back at the next meeting.

ACTION: Mr. Shore

It was agreed that the attendance target should be removed and office staff discretion should apply to children returning to school after D&V episodes. A governor questioned the monitoring of the collection of children after school, as they were unaware of this procedure, therefore it must be working effectively.Staff assured governors that teachers know who the children are being collected by and if that changes.

Agreed amendments were made to the wording of the document at the meeting by Mr. Shore on his tablet. With the action above noted and grammar check requested, governors proposed, seconded and all agreed to adopt the policy, which will be circulated with the minutes.


8. Review of GB Self Evaluation Form

Governors were asked how they would like to review this document as they are all required to take part. It was decided that it should be emailed to everyone and all agreed to send their comments back to Mrs. Arscott who will then organise a working group to evaluate them.


9. Safeguarding report

Following the release of guidance from the DfE, the audit is under review and due for completion by May 2015. The Clerk commented that at her Support Meeting, they were advised that the old audit should be completed even though it didn’t have to be submitted. This is not the guidance given to Headteachers so far.

Safeguarding training is up to date. Mrs. Kelly and Miss Hogbourne are attending the training to become CPLOs (Child Protection Liaison Officers) in case both Mr. Shore and Mrs. Bristow are off-site simultaneously. All CRBs for governors are up to date and there is no legal requirement to re-apply under 4 years. As part of her audit Mrs. Arscott checks CRBs annually and Mrs. Cooper has a rolling review programme in place for a 3-year review, which is considered good practice.

10. Skills Audit

Governing Bodies must now complete skills audits to ensure their membership covers the needs required. A volunteer was requested to write the audit, with support from the Chair and Clerk if required. Mr. Taylor explained that the National Governors’ Association audit was already in place, with an associated spreadsheet to make analysis easier. He volunteered to steer its completion, with the help of Mrs. Sides. Governors will be asked to complete the document in time for a report-back at the next FGB meeting in March.

ACTION: Mr. Taylor

11. Report on KAG working party meeting

Mrs. Arscott attended the meeting last week and although the minutes had been received, they have been returned for amendment as parts were not strictly correct. Mrs. Arscott explained the purpose of the meeting and gave governors some background to the situation. David Hurd, NFDC Parking Manager had noted before the meeting that the school had a very dangerous access approach and, having witnessed the situation first hand, stated that any proposal that reduces the number of vehicles and improves safety must be welcomed. Meanwhile he will continue to patrol the area.

In addition to Mrs. Arscott, those attending included: CPOs Andy White and Lisa Quinn, Jacky White of the Ashurst and Colbury Community Group, Clive White of Ashurst and Colbury Parish Council, Emma Lacey and Caroline Jenkins representing KAG.

A large spreadsheet of suggestions was shared with the following noted:

  • Police can’t administer parking fines.  This is a Traffic Warden responsibility and they do not start work until 9.00am
  • The police structure is changing and this may mean a change of CPOs, but this is not certain
  • Problems were identified and solutions requested
  • Engage residents and volunteers to help with walking buses
  • Residents rent out their driveways for parking
  • Canvass local businesses for support and materials
  • Encourage parents to arrive in plenty of time
  • Communicate through assemblies
  • Ask the children to design and issue parking tickets
    • Governors were not happy with this suggestion and the Headteacher would not allow this

Governors commented that there is insufficient detail on any suggestion so far; and another was majorly concerned that governors’ time was once again taken up with this issue when they should be governing the school. No new suggestions have been made that haven’t been tried in the past. No real solutions are being offered.

  • Promotion of car sharing
    • Parents generally drive straight on to work
  • Involve the PTA e.g. in setting up a car share
    • This is not the PTA’s remit –their main function is fundraising though social and school events, neither is it the remit of the KAG working party to invite the PTA to organise car shares. The Chairs of both PTAs were invited to the working party meeting, but did not attend
  • Parents are not parking illegally on the whole but sometimes inconsiderately
    • Number plates have been noted and named in the school newsletter
  • Open the school at 08:30 to allow longer drop-off time
    • Is a consideration, but will have cost implications for staffing the playground – and is still not a solution
  • School staff to walk/cycle to school; charge for parking in school
    • Very few local staff and some already share cars. Parking in school is not the issue
  • Make the one-way system compulsory along Foxhills
    • Already been refused and it’s mainly residents that don’t comply.  A one way system without a dedicated cycle path would compromise cyclists.
  • Widen the road to the hedges; fill in the ditch
    • Where would the funding come from? There would still be a bottle neck at the bottom of Knellers Lane because of the privately-owned cottage there. This was first discussed in 2009, and rejected as land would have to be acquired to give a suitable path width. A governor commented that all the ideas were ‘tinkering around the edges’ with no significant solution to the problem.

Other ideas were suggested, including re-instating the Lollipop crossing on the corner of Knellers Lane, enforcing the 20mph limit and re-opening the road onto Hunter’s Hill (this was closed when Colbury roundabout was built due to road safety factors). None of these would solve the problems. A new crossing of Knellers Lane is included in the Barker Mill proposal.

A drop-off zone would become blocked if people stopped for too long, resulting in traffic unable to pass at all and exacerbating the situation. There is no permission to use Colbury Hall’s car park as a walking bus site and it’s too far from the school to be of any use. The suggestion that the school reduces its intake of pupils is not possible, as this is set by HCC.

 The Infant School GB  will be invited to offer comments on suggestions put forward   Whilst appreciative of the KAG Workiong Party’s attempts to find solutions they have identified very little that hasn’t been tried already. The governors’ view was that the group had not as yet produced a workable solution to the problems of securing safe access for children and resolving traffic congestion. The next KAG working group meeting is in February.

12. Proposal to change meeting time

In consideration of the staff’s work/life balance, the Headteacher requested that governors change the Monday FGB meeting start time from 7pm to 6pm. After a short discussion and vote, the majority agreed to this request. 

13. Governor Training

The purchase of the Governor Services training and support package for Full Access was proposed, seconded and all agreed.


The Governor Forum will be held at Foxhills on 24th February at 7pm. There is no agenda for this yet. Set up will be from 6pm, John Tompkins has been informed and all are welcome.


Training booklets have been distributed and Policy training has been booked for 26th February.

14. Learning Walks

Mr. Thomas will email governors with a choice of dates for the learning walks to monitor PP interventions. All are welcome. As the first date is 29th January, governors were asked to respond urgently.

ACTION: Mr. Thomas

15. Any other business

a) Matt Goodchild and Hayley Sired would like to attend the next FGB meeting as part of their middle leadership programme and professional development. They are aware that they may have to leave, should confidential items be discussed, and cannot take part in the discussions unless invited. Governors agreed that the second meeting of the term would be the most appropriate, as it starts at 4:30; an open invitation should be extended to all staff interested to any Tuesday FGB meeting. This may encourage more staff to take an interest in what the governors do and break down barriers. Mr. Shore will pass this information on.

b) Fox Tales is back in the Parish magazine. Children will also be submitting articles through the journalism group, run by Mrs. Datlen.


Thanking all for attending, the meeting ended at 9:10pm.


Next meeting dates:


Tuesday 17th March, Monday 18th May and Tuesday 7th July.

Meetings on Mondays run from 6-8pm and Tuesdays, 4.30-6.30pm.