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Meeting 5 - 15th May 2017

Minutes of the Full Governing Body


Held on Monday 15th May 2017 – commenced 6:00pm



                             Mr. Shore – Headteacher

                             Mrs. Thornley – Co-opted Governor and Vice Chair

                             Mrs. Datlen - Co-opted plus Development and Training Governor

                             Mr. White – Co-opted Governor

                             Mrs. Stockbridge – Co-opted Governor

                             Mr. Cooper – Co-opted Governor

                             Miss Sired – Staff Governor

                             Mr. T. Kumar – Parent Governor


Apologies:               Mrs. Arscott – Local Authority Governor and Chair

                             Mr. Marchetti – Co-opted Governor

                             Dr. Wiley – Co-opted Governor

                             Mrs. Weatherdon – Parent Governor


In attendance:                          Mrs. Dulieu – Clerk





Signed:          A. ARSCOTT                                                             Date:




  1. Apologies

Were received and accepted from Mrs. Arscott, Mr. Marchetti, Dr. Wiley and Mrs. Weatherdon. The clerk confirmed that the meeting was quorate.

2. Welcome to new governor, Ed Cooper

Mr. Cooper was welcomed to the Board of Governors and brief introductions were made.

3. Declaration of pecuniary interests

No interests were declared for this agenda. Mr. Cooper was given a form to complete and return to the clerk.

4. Minutes of last meeting, 14th March 2017

Circulated in advance, the minutes of the last meeting were proposed, seconded and all agreed that they were a true record.

5. Matters arising

a) Skills Audit

A few governors handed their completed forms to the clerk but a revised one had been emailed. All governors were asked to complete the new forms electronically and return them to the clerk as soon as possible.


Mrs. Datlen will discuss the collation of the results, with Mrs. Arscott and Mrs. Thornley when they meet during half term.

b) Update on action points.  The action point list was updated with the following noted:

1. Mrs. Datlen will book H&S training for both Miss Sired and Mr. Cooper now. Ongoing

3. Mrs. Thornley will meet Miss Sired after the French trip to discuss planning trips in advance and offering parents the option of paying in instalments from Year 3 for residential visits. Ongoing

5. Miss Sired suggested 8th June for the staff/governor gathering. She will email date choices.

ACTION: Miss Sired

6:10pm Mr. Kumar arrived

6. The school has a backdrop now, which includes a green-screen option. Mr. Shore will organise governor photos to be taken. Ongoing

12. Mrs. Arscott sent an article to the Ashurst and Colbury Magazine. Anyone can look at it on their website. Discharged

13. Mrs. Datlen has booked Mr. White on a training course for Finance. Governors were reminded that anyone can go on any training, no matter which committee they are members of. Discharged

6. Written report from the Chair of Governors

The report, included in the agenda pack, had been read by all present. No questions were raised but Mrs. Arscott was commended for her exhaustive work outside of school, attending local meetings etc. to ensure that the GB has the latest information and the school view can be taken into consideration. She was thanked for her hard work and dedication.

7. Headteacher’s verbal report



Effectiveness of Leadership and Management

GOOD (Very secure)


Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

GOOD (Very secure)


Personal development, Behaviour and Welfare of pupils



Outcomes for Pupils










Staffing Matters


  • Louise Drage has commenced teaching in Year 5, replacing Olivia Moore
  • Louise Gooderidge has returned to Y4 after her three month post-op recovery period. Staff and the children are very pleased to have her back. The school put a phased return in place (thank you to Lynne McKinnon for covering the class), but Louise is now almost up to speed
  • Ann Caplin (Gate Warden) leaves the school in two weeks’ time. Mrs. Thornley will write and thank her for her eight – nine years’ service.

ACTION: Mrs. Thornley

They have been unable to find a replacement. Mr. Shore suggested that the school should consider installing a gate but he would need to research this well and buy a quality one to avoid mechanical failure. He estimates that costs should be recouped within three years

  • Helena Callister is leaving at the end of the year – she has secured a new post in a school closer to her home. She has two very young children to look after. She is very sad to leave and the school is sad to lose her
  • New teacher (NQT) appointed for Sept 2017 (Lauren Crowe). She is an HLTA from Romsey Primary

Safeguarding: DSL training – Mrs. Bristow and Miss Hogbourne have been on refresher courses. Miss Sired and Mr. Goodchild are now also trained. Good practice! Mr. Shore suggested that Safeguarding be a standing agenda item for FGB meetings. The clerk will add the item.


Appeals for Sept 2017 – 2 appellants. Year 3 are already at 31 per class and there is the potential of at least a further two EHCP children joining. Classes only 47m2 - sufficient for 28 children, although there is no appeal against the EHCP children A governor asked when the results would be known. The Hearing will be held on 16th June and the panel write to the school with their decision.


SATs 2017: all completed! The staff are very proud of the children. No repetition of last year’s upsets. Good prep by Y6 team, who were thanked for their hard work. The organisation of the week was excellent, with no issues. There were no visits by external bodies and the school is anticipating a potential 75% to 85% in Reading, Writing and Maths combined. Results are due on 4th July.


A governor asked how the INSET day in June was being presented to parents. They never ask what training is organised for INSET days but the June day will be a team-building exercise for all staff, on Brownsea Island. Thanks to Mrs. Stockbridge for generously giving her own time for this.



  • Perimeter security: New fencing in place. Hedges planted and growing. A big thank you to Julie Standish and the Gardening Team for getting the job done!
  • Front canopy. The school has been let down by the parent who was going to construct the canopies. Mr. Shore will write to all parents and ask if anyone has expertise/ time to help organise a team of parents to construct. It should be a fairly straight-forward job.
  • Speed ramps now in place (and having an impact…)
  • MUGA – No news – other than the school has had to sign a new ‘financial commitment’ form. This is to confirm that they do have the funds to go ahead with it (if they choose to) and sets out the 16.5% top-slice on all money not from the devolved budget. The total cost is estimated at £50-55k; with £40k in the devolved budget, the top-sliced amount of 16.5% should be minimal



  • INSET 26th June: Governors were invited to attend. This will involve meeting in Poole, for the 8:30am ferry
  • INSET dates for 2017-18. Monday 4th September 2017/ Monday 30th October 2017/ Monday 19th February/ Friday 22nd June 2018/ Monday 23rd July 2018. The 19.02.18 training will be a joint INSET with Calmore Infant and Juniors and Foxhills Infants

Monday 23rd – attendance would be very poor for just one day of the week. Staff will make up with twilights, as this year. All three dates are aligned with Foxhills Infant School. It is more difficult to align with Hounsdown as they have mid-week days to support the CPD of their large number of part-time staff



  • Easter Poetry competition will be displayed in the Library
  • Ashurst 170 year anniversary art competition had some super entries received
  • Annual Report to parents goes out: Monday 10th July 2018
  • Rights Respecting Education launch tomorrow! A huge thanks to Helen Normington, who has really worked hard (on only two days per week) to pull this together
  • Governors were invited to attend the Year 5 matinee performance of Shakespeare Rocks on Wednesday 24th May. They were asked to contact the school office if they wanted to attend. Mrs Datlen, Miss Sired and Mrs. Dulieu will be serving refreshments. Mr. White expressed his interest to attend


Any other issues

  • No complaints


Mr. Shore was thanked for his report.

8. Report from Finance and Resources Committee

In the absence of Mr. Marchetti, the clerk gave a brief overview of the meeting, which was held on Friday 5th May.  Although not ready for distribution with the agenda papers, the minutes were emailed to governors on Friday 12th May, to enable advance sight of the discussions held before this meeting.

A governor noted that the Supply costs were down against that budgeted. The Headteacher praised staff for their attendance and hard work and was happy that the system of HLTA and directly employed teachers to cover PPA was working well. A governor commented that this gives stability and constancy to the children too. Governors were satisfied that the budget remains positive for the next two years, with a deficit anticipated only for the third year in the forecast. Mr. Shore stated that other schools in the local area are not so well placed and are either already in deficit or will be next year.

The figures stand as follows:



Amount (£) Budgeted

End of Year

Total Income:



Year to date spend:



In-year (deficit) surplus:

(£ 83,131)

£    18,244

Balance b/fwd:



Year to date surplus:




The final budget for 2016/17 was proposed, seconded and all agreed to approve and submit to the Local Authority.


The Freedom of Information Policy had been reviewed at this meeting and the Committee recommend it to the FGB for adoption. Mr. White gave a brief overview of the review and purpose of the Policy. Only one request under the Data Protection Act as been received since Mr. Shore took up post of Headteacher; the information remains uncollected. Mr. White was thanked for conducting the review and the policy was unanimously adopted.

9. Report from Children’s Learning and Achievement Committee

The minutes of the last meeting, held on 31st March 2017, were included in the agenda pack. Mrs. Thornley highlighted the main points and, as no questions were raised, moved on to the Learning Walk report.

  1. Learning Walk report (15/03/17) distributed with the agenda, reported on an excellent and informative Walk; the governors who attended found it inspiring. It gave them confidence in the SLT and the system in place. They visited classrooms, teachers and took part in two tours – Literacy and Maths. There is a separate report on Maths from Dr. Wiley, which will go the CLA Committee in June before being shared at the next FGB. A governor asked if an Ofsted team visited, would they be able to see how many Learning Walks have taken place. They are recorded in the SDP. A governor Working Party will be put in place to complete their part of the SSE – this will also include this information and the reports can form part of the evidence. The SSE can be updated after every visit. Governors were reminded of the value of their Visit Forms, as these also contribute to the triangulation of evidence. After a brief discussion, governors agreed to complete a Visit Form where they considered they would add value and evidence of strategic thinking to the SSE. The clerk will email the form to governors.


A governor raised a concern over the wording of part of the Learning Walk report that referred to Mr. Goodchild being aware of vulnerable groups in class, suggesting that other teachers were not aware. Mr. Shore assured governors that the report had been agreed before it was shared with and that the wording was not intended that way. As long as the staff were happy with that, the governors were satisfied with the report.

10. To adopt policies recommended by the CLA Committee

The Policies were included in the agenda pack for adoption at this meeting.

a) Link Governor Policy

Governors considered it important to note that they observe lessons and do not judge the teaching. This is clearly stated in the Policy. It was unanimously agreed to adopt this policy.

b) Governor Visit Policy

A governor commented on the clear boundaries set by this policy and how the questions gave guidance on what to ask. After a brief discussion, governors agreed that the relationship with staff is paramount as that would allow any questions to be asked without fear of intentions being misconstrued. Governors unanimously agreed to adopt this policy.

c) Positive Behaviour Policy

Governors were impressed with this policy. The Headteacher asked that it be adopted in principle as the Values are still to be updated and a reflection sheet appended. Mr. Shore will update the information and add the appendix so that it may be emailed to governors with the minutes of this meeting.

ACTION: Mr. Shore

Governors liked the clear reasons behind the choices that children can make. This has been shared with other schools, locally, who have also adopted it. A governor asked if VGM (Very Good Manners award) could be included. Yes, it’s on the re-draft. Governors accepted the amendments and unanimously agreed to adopt this policy.

d) Child Protection Policy

Governors briefly discussed this policy, in light of recent training. Child Protection will have its own page on the school website. Mr. Shore highlighted a few, subtle, changes to be made, which have already been done on the website version. He will email this to the clerk, for formatting and filing.

ACTION: Mr. Shore

Governors proposed, seconded and all agreed to adopt this in principle. The final version will be emailed with the minutes.

11. To approve the appointing Mr. Cooper as governor with responsibility for Health and Safety

Mr. Cooper volunteered to take on responsibility for Health and Safety, on behalf of the Governing Body. Miss Sired will assist. The first task is to update the Policy. The clerk will email it to Mr. Cooper, along with any guidance available.


12. Proposed Governor Information afternoon on 22nd June

The proposed information afternoon will involve spending approximately twenty minutes per year group to see the activities that take place in school. Learning Walks to date have taken place in the mornings when, typically, Maths and English lessons take place. The date for this was agreed in the CLA meeting as Wednesday 14th June, from 1:30 - 3pm, and a focus suggested as the approach to lower attainment and intervention (see page 7 of the CLA minutes).

13. Governor Training

  • Mrs. Datlen will be attending the DTG training soon and encouraged governors to go on as many training courses as they are able. Training records are shared with Ofsted during an inspection.
  • The Skills Audit being taken now will highlight gaps in training needs.
  • Mrs Datlen tabled a colour-coded competency framework, showing sixteen competencies, which explains suggested training for governors and includes progression.
  • Some governors have booked courses into 2018! Clerk training is booked for 7th June.
  • Governors were reminded to complete Training Feedback Forms following individual courses attended. This is not necessary for the Ofsted training that everyone attended
  • All governors must complete the Hays Safeguarding Training by the end of half term
  • Mr. White has received confirmation of his place on Understanding Financial Matters in School
  • Safer Recruitment Training for Mrs. Weatherdon will be conducted through school. Mrs. Datlen will organise this with Mrs. Cooper

a)  Ofsted training with Infant School, 22nd May

Mrs. Stockbridge will be attending this training.

b) Governors’ conference in June

Although this is fully booked locally, there are spaces for the Yateley conference. Inspirational speaker John Jones will be there and any governors interested in attending should contact Mrs. Datlen to book one of the two spaces the GB is entitled to.

14. Any other business

  • The Ashurst and Colbury Fete will not be held this year. Mr. White was thanked for his part in organising last year’s event. Governors were disappointed that it has been cancelled as this was a good event

15. Statement of impact of this meeting on school improvement

  • Item 03 – pecuniary interests register updated
  • Item 05 – Skills audit being undertaken to ensure GB effectiveness
  • Item 06 – Advice on use and protection of school land
  • Item 07 – Headteacher’s report
    • Personnel forward-planning in place
    • Monitoring the maintenance of the school premises
    • Holding the Headteacher to account
  • Item 08 – Ensuring the robustness of the budget
    • Ensuring that the school is compliant with the Freedom of Information Act
  • Item 09 – monitor the provision of learning and standards of achievement by   

    understanding the role and impact of the SLT

  • Item 10 – Ensuring compliance with current legislation by reviewing policies on Behaviour    

                         and Child Protection

  • Item 10 – Evaluating Governors’ performance within guidelines set by reviewing policies on

                         Link Governors and all Governors’ Visits

  • Item 11 – Ensuring compliance with current Health & Safety legislation within the GB remit

                         by appointing a governor with responsibility for this area 

  • Item 12 – Improving Governors’ understanding of afternoon activities and interventions in


  • Item 13 – Training progression shared for future planning of individual courses
  • Item 13 – Establishing training requirements for Governors to maintain effective GB
  • Item 13 – Building relationships with the Infant School GB


Thanking all for attending, the meeting ended at 7:33pm


Next meeting dates:

FGB - Tuesday 4th July

Monday meetings start at 6:00pm; Tuesdays at 4:30pm

CLA –9th June; Fridays at 9:00am

F&R – 3rd November 2017; 9th March and 4th May 2018; Fridays at 12:30pm