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Modern Languages


Modern Foreign Languages


Our intent is to develop children’s experience of French as well as encourage curiosity about other languages spoken around the world.  We will develop their understanding of what they hear and read, and then apply that to their speech and writing. Through learning French, we will extend their knowledge of how language works and this will enable them to explore the differences between French and English. Whilst learning the language the children will develop and understanding of the cultural differences between other countries in the world. We aim to promote the importance of intercultural understanding as we live in a globalised world where barriers between nations are constantly being removed. Our aim is to give children a good base to build on for learning languages in secondary school.


French is taught across Key Stage 2 for thirty minutes a week. The children will focus on a particular unit of work each half term and where possible we try to link the learning with the projects being taught.


Starting in 2019, we also focus on a particular foreign language as our “Language of the Month”. Children will be exposed to key phrases in a different foreign language and these will be used across the school in the children’s daily routine. Children will be encouraged to take an interest in the culture of the country or countries in which the language is spoken.