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Foxhills Junior School

Foxhills Junior School

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At Foxhills, our goal is that children enjoy and develop a love of music. To enable this, we ensure that they are exposed to a range of different styles of music, as well as an awareness of the range of vocal and musical instruments, together with their purpose for use. From this they are able to demonstrate this knowledge during composition. During their time in the Juniors, all children are given the opportunity to learn a musical instrument (recorder and ukulele) and some will master this by reading a simple melody and playing it with confidence.



To apply their knowledge and skills, composition is integrated into our Projects where the children are encouraged to build on and apply previous learning to produce a piece of music appropriate for purpose e.g. melody for a song, sound effects for an audio book or interpretation of a scene.


Singing is important at Foxhills; each week there is a singing assembly where the whole school learn a variety of songs and are encouraged to sing in a variety of ways (unison, parts) which are then practised on a regular basis in assemblies. To support children’s learning, songs are learnt about specific subjects (space/planets) to enhance other curriculum areas, as well songs from other cultures. School productions encourage children to memorise lyrics and gain confidence to perform in front of an audience; this is an area they enjoy and in which they thrive.


Extra-curricular opportunities (through outside providers) allow the children to learn specific musical instruments (flute, piano, guitar, drums, vocals) and have the opportunity to progress through different levels.



Through integrating music within our curriculum it ensures that the children develop an appreciation of music, are able to take part in composing a piece of music for purpose and perform with increasing confidence in front of an audience.