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Foxhills Junior School

Foxhills Junior School

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Be Bright Be Safe Day

With the lights off and anticipation building amongst the children, the doors swung open and the sound of engines filled the room (well, pretend engine noises!). It was time to unleash the go-karts!


We are so lucky to have 4 pedal go-karts for the children to use during break and lunch times. However, in order to show how to operate them safely, they must first pass a driving test to receive a license. This test will show how competent the children are in turning, driving and stopping. 


It was amazing to see so many children in their bright clothing and it really helped us to send a clear message - in order to be safe travelling to school, we must dress as brightly as possible! Throughout the day, children learned how to cross the road safely in order to protect themselves.


Please continue to promote these skills with your children. Remember: STOP, LOOK (right, left then right again, LISTEN.