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Foxhills Junior School

Foxhills Junior School

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First it was the MUGA.

Then came the go-karts.

Next was the super adventure playground.

And now?


Well, Foxhills Juniors is about to add yet another amazing piece of equipment to our playground!


Mr Karnecki has designed and built nine holes for our very own crazy golf course! 

We now need you (children) to help us finish it by creating a special design for one of the holes.

- Use natural or recycled materials

- Keep the design simple - we do need to be able to make this ourselves. Complicated designs will need parent help (so, if you want a windmill, a family member has to make it!)

- Create an innovative design - make it fun and interesting

- Don't make it too difficult - just hitting the ball in the hole will be fun!

- Give your hole a name. and make sure you add your own!


The competition closes at the end of this half term (20th October) so get designing!

Entry forms will be sent round to classes. 


Note to parents: we would really like this to be the children's work but if there are aspects that you can advise them about/ help them with then by all means do so. If your child wants to add something complicated (ie a windmill!) then we would need you to support us to make this.

This is a fun competition and we hope that you enjoy it too! We may even have a parent's competition in the future!


Mr Shore