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Foxhills Premier Rockstar League- Round 11

The competition has been fierce over the last 11 weeks, but we can finally announce a winner… 5BW! A massive congratulations to every child from 5BW who took part and contributed, it was definitely a whole team effort!


Also, well done to every child who competed throughout the competition. We have not only seen children’s participation grow, but we have seen children’s speed and confidence with their times tables increase too.


See the rest of the league results below. Well done to 4AW for coming second and 3CK for coming third!



Please continue to encourage your children to play TT Rockstars as often as they can: knowing their times tables is the cornerstone of most mathematical learning we do in school and will help them progress with their own development.


We have a very exciting announcement to make soon and it may involve other schools…


Until next time,


Mr Williams