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FRENCH TRIP 2016 - Day 2

Tuesday 7th June 2016

First question: Did the children sleep? YES! A good 8 hours for most. I am sure you will all be relieved to hear there were no traumas at all smiley


Second question: Did the staff get any sleep?

Well, mostly.....  however, we never stop listening for movement or noise, and spend much of the night checking. But we did manage to rest.


An early start today (7am), followed by room inspections (boys pictures attached, as I am on this floor). Rooms and organisation not too bad, I am sure you will agree! Everyone showered (everyone!) and applied suncream for the day ahead.


Some children took much longer to wake up, as you will see by their bright and cheery demeanor......


Breakfast! Buffet of cereals, fruit, yogurt and bread, and some children were also relieved to get a cup of tea! (As were the staff!).


After making our own packed lunches, we then went off to a croissant-making class! A messy affair, as you will see in the pictures. The final results? We will find out at breakfast tomorrow!


The storm clouds gathered and it absolutely poured for a while! As it was still warm, we had thunder and lightning. But it didn't last.


We sheltered in the large sports hall where we had lunch, followed by some games.

Then it was on the coach and off to visit the cheese farm (see pics).

We stopped off at a proper WWII V1 rocket launch site (more pics below) and finally ended up at the beach for ice-cream!


Dinner (Lasagne tonight) and games in the field... I was exhausted afterwards :-)


A full on day and the children were definitely ready for their beds. More showers for EVERY ONE (!) and then ... sleep!


So, another great day - off to Rouen tomorrow. Will post more pics then.


From Mr Shore, Miss Sired, Mrs Mcallister, Mrs Pugh, Mrs Bailey and Mrs Scevity