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FRENCH TRIP 2016 - Day 3

Breakfast: mixed successes - the children enjoyed the usual breakfast and, whilst the croissants looked great (well, most of them - see pics), they would probably have been more effective as paper weights than a wholesome start to the day!


The thick fog in the morning developed into being hot and sunny day. Due to this warm weather, the midges were out in force but affected any children were treated with anti-bite salve, (though this didn't stop their fun!)


Rouen: The children learned about the romanesque, medieval and renaissance architecture of this beautiful capital city of Normande. The Cathedrals were awe-in'spir'ing. (Pun intended.....Notre Dame has the tallest spire in the whole of France!). Our Kingswood guides took us around the town, telling us many stories of the history of the cathedrals and the saints - ask your child about Jeanne de Arc, the mummified cat and how the bodies from the Black Death were disposed of...


After lunch in the park, (under the shadow of another of Rouen's Cathedrals), children visited a range of shops in the town, accompanied by group leaders (though seemed to have a particular interest in the mega-sweet shop....can't think why!).


Dinner (saucisson et frites) was followed mini-olympics and another crazy football match (a little bit of cheating was involved... Mrs Scevity and Mrs Pugh seriously fouled Mr Shore in the goal area!)


Tomorrow we visit the local market, Supermarche and beach.


From Mr Shore, Mrs Scevity, Mrs McAllister, Mrs Bailey, Mrs Pugh and Miss Sired.