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Foxhills Junior School

Foxhills Junior School

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Park and Stride / Scoot from the Boot

With more and more children and families choosing to adopt a healthier lifestyle by walking/cycling/scooting to school, we would like to remind those parents who have to drive to school to use our park and Stride / Scoot from the Boot map in order to find the safest place to park.


Parking along Foxhills Lane is making it dangerous for the majority of families who travel to school from the Ashurst Bridge area through the underpass. If you must bring your car to school, please park at the south end of Knellers Lane or, preferably, near the Ashurst Recreation Ground and play park (access from the A35 Lyndhurst Road please) and walk or scoot from there. It only takes a few extra minutes but makes a massive difference to the safety of the children.


Thank you for your support!