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Prof. Gwyn Griffiths Visit

Today Year 6 were visited by Professor Gwyn Griffiths, a now retired oceanographic engineer. He talked to our children about his expeditions to the Antarctica and the adventures he had on over 30 trips there. His role was to lay scientific instruments on the ocean floor which would then automatically release to the surface to be collected. Professor Griffiths also brought a sample of volcanic rock from the Antarctic seabed as well a piece of coal thought to have been from Ernest Shackleton's ill fated ship Endurance.


Year 6 are currently learning about explorers and Shackleton's voyage so had lots and lots of questions for the Professor. Professor Griffiths hopes by speaking to the children he instills a sense of wonder and adventure that he also developed as a schoolboy learning about great explorers.


We would like to thank Professor Griffiths for visiting us today and sharing stories from his life.