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Tour De Foxhills!

What an amazing weekend of sport! England reaching a semi-final (is it coming home?!), Wimbledon and a dramatic British Grand Prix. However, for some, the most anticipated event was the 105th Tour De France.


This morning, the children took part in Bike It Ray's assembly to celebrate the start of the Tour and to educate them about the prestigious event. All the cyclists clearly represent our school values of Care, Learn, Enjoy, Achieve, Reflect and the children were able to see that success doesn't just happen: it takes years of dedication, tenacity and resilience to failure. This is exactly what we try to promote at our school. Please do try and encourage the children to keep up-to-date with the tour (Highlights are on ITV4 from 7pm).


Our Year 6 children who remain at school were treated to their very own Tour De Foxhills where Ray set up an agility course. It was so nice to see the children enjoying time on their bikes and boosting their skills. A special Well done to Duru (6AW), Maddison (6HS) and Oliver for having the most improved times!


To top it all off, Mrs Gooderidge had a bet with Mr Rawlins: if she could complete the course, Mr Rawlins would have to cycle to school for the rest of the term.


I'll just let the pictures do the talking...