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Foxhills Junior School

Foxhills Junior School

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Y5 Marwell.Trip

Wednesday. It rained. And rained. And rained! But that didn't stop the fun and adventure! Children fully engaged in the activities, regardless of the weather.


Thursday morning. A bright and early start! I arrived at the Marwell site at 8am to find the field full of happy, energetic children playing. The staff were also smiling but looked as though they may not have slept as well as the children... apparently there was much excitement in the dorms into the early hours... (up until 1:30am!)

After room inspections (apparently, some children didn't realise that shower doors needed to be closed during use!) we enjoyed a hearty cooked breakfast. 

And so to the day's activities... archery, high-ropes, zip-wire, canoeing, tower-building. Wow. Was I excited! Well, I was until Mr Goodchild informed me I was with the raft-building group. Now, this may sound exciting, (and it was!), except at breakfast, I ate with a table of children who told me all about yesterday's adventure. They happily told me that they got completely drenched and that they even swam (reality: jumped) into the river....on raft building!  (Thanks a lot, Mr Goodchild!)

But the plot was foiled! My team's raft was almost perfect, and the children were able to paddle to the far side and back (twice!) without getting wet..... sadly, the same thing could not be said about Mr Rampton's creation...... (see pics below)


Friday: Last day but more fun ahead. After a full day yesterday, the children (and staff!) had a much better night's sleep.

Children are due back around 2:30 to 3:00pm. We will update the front page of the website when we know more details.

Please see the pictures below for a snapshot of the site and activities.