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Year 6 Residential to France UPDATE

We will update this page as often as we can. Please be patient as we try to find signal! ūüėÄ

Friday 13th July

Packing cases this morning was... an experience! Apologies now if some children have the wrong socks - we DID try to get them to keep their clothes organised (we even did room inspections!) but not all children listened..

This morinng we learned a bit about the history of the Chateau and then walked into the local town, Rue. We saw many historical attractions and even stopped at the local cafe for coffee... or coke!

ANOTHER lunch, then on the coach for the journey home.

Arrived at the ferry in good time...

6pm we are in ENGLAND! and... The PARTY BUS is in full flow.....

We are coming home!


Thursday 12th July 

Another early start this morning - there were a few bleary eyes - and then we went off to the local market and hyper market. Children had the opportunity to speak French - with mixed results!

We had a huge lunch, followed by our last afternoon of adventurous activities. 

The evening meal was the dreaded "frogs and snails" experience. Most children tried these delights... not all enjoyed them (see pics!)

The evening was meant to be a wonderful beach walk but, unfortunately, the coaches were involved in a minor collision, meaning that we needed a replacement coach. All children returned to the Chateau safely where they played games on the green. Then "lights out.." - it feels as though this gets easier every night! (Nothing to do with dawn to dusk activities and excitement, of course!)


Wednesday 11th July.

It was an early start today, as we visited the boulangerie and learnt how traditional french bread and croissants were made... we left with a huge stack of them! On the return journey, Miss Sired led the in-flight entertainment before arriving back for a super lunch (the food has been amazing!).

More activities in the afternoon. More food. This evening we had songs around the bonfire. The Mr Shore set up the Projector in the dining room and we all watched .. in pain, as England's dream ended. It's coming home.... just not this year! Some children did enjoy just chilling out in their rooms, instead.

A bit of a late night for some - but no excuses for getting up early the next day!


Tuesday 10th July

We visited the 'feather farm' - more varieties of chicken than we knew existed, followed by the much-awaited visit to the chocolate factory. It was ... delicious!

Every day is packed with activities, including boat-building, paddle-boarding, zip-wire, crate building, team-building games etc etc.

We experimented setting up the Projector, ready for the big England game - and managed to watch much of the French game, too. Lights out and a peaceful night for all!


Monday 9th July.

12pm. Year 6 are now on the ferry to France! They are now sitting as a group enjoying their lunch.

6pm. Arrived at the Chateau safely. Rooms allocated. Bags unpacked. Dinner eaten. Evening games enjoyed! A quick settle down, too!