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Dear Parents and Carers,


Ofsted inspection 

We have been anticipating an Ofsted inspection for several months, and on Wednesday 12th March we received ‘the call’ i.e. notification that the inspectors would be on Thursday 13th March. Several hours of frenetic activity ensued whilst the large amount of information required by the inspectors was assembled, including all the minutes of governors’ meetings since September 2012.  There followed two hectic and demanding days, during which the school had to continue functioning as normal whilst the inspectors observed lessons, talked to pupils and staff and met three of the governors, who were questioned at length about their role in the school, how they supported the headteacher and staff, and held them accountable for outcomes.  Our pupils and staff were brilliant, and we were very delighted that the school was rated ‘Good’ by the inspectors.  This is a reflection of the enormous amount of hard work undertaken by Mr. Shore and his staff over the past 5 terms; we would not have had such a good rating a few months ago.  So congratulations and a big thank you to all at Foxhills!


Governors and Pupil Premium

Governors are responsible for ensuring that funding allocated to pupils eligible for Pupil Premium is correctly spent, and that outcomes reflect this input.  We have a small committee whose particular responsibility is to look at anonymised data for Pupil Premium children to ensure they are making the required progress, and we are pleased to report that this is so.


Governors and School events

Where possible governors have attended year group ’outcomes’ celebrations.  Hence we have learnt more about the Saxons, have been persuaded by some very articulate children that we should be visiting Spain, Greece or Norway  (they will make great travel agents!), and witnessed a Viking invasion during the Ofsted inspection.  The children were all hugely enthusiastic about their projects, and clearly enjoyed presenting them.


Walking buses

The Infant and Junior schools have been working with Living Streets, a charity which works to encourage children to walk at least some way to school, and with Hampshire School Travel Plan Team to devise some Walking Bus Routes.  The governors support this project and hope we will see the first walking bus operating next term.


Proposed development by Barker-Mill Estates between Knellers Lane and Foxhills schools.

Consultations on this project took place towards the end of the Autumn Term.  Residents of Ashurst, and Foxhills parents, were given the opportunity to comment on the plans.  As a result of the consultation Barker-Mill have modified their plans to reduce the number of houses, but will still provide a much needed safe cycle and pedestrian access from West Totton, and a ‘Park and Stride’ facility, consistent with the school’s ‘Healthy Living’ initiative which is supported by HCC. This will result in far fewer cars in Foxhills, making access from the Ashurst side of the catchment much safer.  Barker-Mill will be issuing a newsletter to all parents and residents in late April, which will give more detailed information on this project, and parents will have the opportunity to comment on this.


And finally -

The governors would like to thank you all for your support to Foxhills is so many different ways, and to wish parents and children a Happy Easter with good weather.


Best wishes


Ann Arscott

Chair of Governors, Foxhills Junior School, for the Board of Governors

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