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NEWSLETTER November 2012

Governors’ Newsletter to Parents November 2012

Dear Parents,

Welcome to our Autumn Term Newsletter!

Our new Head Teacher

We were pleased to welcome Andrew Shore to Foxhills at the beginning of term.  Taking up a new headship is a challenging task, and staff, parents and governors have all been very supportive.  We would particularly like to thank the Year Leaders who have added some of the deputy head teacher’s duties to their roles, to ensure the school runs smoothly and effectively.

Deputy Head Teacher

We will shortly be formulating a person specification and job description to enable us to advertise for a new Deputy Headteacher, with interviews being conducted in the Spring Term.  Foxhills is a brilliant school to work in and we anticipate some good applications.

Governing Body Committees and Policies

Much of the governors’ work is undertaken by committees comprising three or four governors, e.g. Finance, Staffing, Curriculum and Health and Safety.    We will be reviewing the structure of these committees bearing in mind changes in legislation, and to ensure the Board works effectively and efficiently.  Similarly we will be reviewing the policies for which the Board is responsible to ensure they reflect current thinking and legislation.

Parent governors

We received three nominations for the upcoming three vacancies, this meant we did not need to hold an election, and the new governors will become full members of the Board on 1st January 2013.

They are:  Mrs Joanne Baker, Mrs Philippa Sides and Mr Jeremy Webb.

They had a short ‘information meeting’ just before half term with Ann Arscott, Chair of Governors, Anne Marie Datlen, Training Liaison Governor, Debbie Turner, Parent Governor, and Andrew Shore.  They will shortly be undergoing their Induction Training, run by Hampshire Governor Services and we hope they will find their work as governors interesting and fulfilling.

Our Nature Reserve

We’re fortunate to have this 5 acre area for children to use in their studies.  Some 10 years ago the Junior and Infant School heads were successful in obtaining a lottery grant to put down board walks and paths to allow easier access.  Mrs Reader and her Conservation Team  have worked with parents and a local forester to prune and coppice the area, but since the forester retired we’ve not had any professional help. Trees and bushes have self-seeded and some areas have become very overgrown.  We invited an ecologist from the New Forest National Park Land Management Services to visit the Nature Reserve, and advise on how it could best be managed.  She was very enthusiastic about the trees, bushes and plants growing there, which in turn support a variety of insect, bird and animal life.  She considered the pond to have been well managed – thanks to Mrs Reader and her team - but overall considerable pruning and coppicing is needed to restore the area to good condition.   She will be helping us to do this using a volunteer conservation group, and involving parents and children. We’re very grateful for her help and support!

Safety on campus

We have been working productively with the governors of the Infant School and with the Pre School on our common policy to maintain a safe campus for our children and staff, and we thank parents for co-operating with us.  We have also had to deal with the effect of the recent heavy rain which has caused a bigger than usual flood on the playing field, which is out of bounds to children.  We hope for some drier weather soon!

Foxy Fireworks

Congratulations to the parents associations of both schools on yet another excellent and safe Foxy Fireworks!  A great night for everyone, and the weather was kind to us!


Best wishes


Ann Arscott

Chair of Governors,  Foxhills Junior School, for the