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NEWSLETTER November 2013

Governors’ Newsletter to Parents November 2013


Dear Parents and Carers,

This term seems to have flown past!  Our Year 3 have long since settled in and taken all the changes that a new school brings in their stride. 


Board of Governors

We are pleased to welcome new governors Dr. Roger McKechnie and Mrs. Glenda Thornley. Roger fills the vacant community governor space, and has a son in the Infant School.  Mrs Glenda Thornley has been appointed as a parent governor, filling the remaining parent governor vacancy.  Glenda is already an experienced governor, having served on the Infant School board for 9 years.  We hope they will enjoy being part of our team.


Governors and Learning Walks

We have been visiting your children’s classes to see for ourselves how Mr Shore and his team are improving the progress and attainment of all children. These visits, known as learning walks, are led by Mr Shore or his deputy.  We go into all classrooms, see what the children are doing and talk to them about their learning. We are pleased to report that we have found children are motivated and engaged with their learning; understand what they are learning, and know how they can improve their work.  They are polite and well behaved, and seem very happy in Foxhills.  We thank the teachers for agreeing to our invasion!


Governors and School events

We have attended various school events - notably Project outcomes such as Diwali, Friday’s Celebration assemblies, and school visits. We helped with the amazing fireworks display and will be helping at the Winter Fayre.  A special thank you to long serving governor Gordon Fillis, who organises St. John’s Ambulance First Aid cover for these events.

Early in November we were fortunate to have a visit from Helena Lucas, Paralympic Sailing Gold medallist.  I was very impressed at the children’s thoughtful questions, and every child touched the Gold Medal!  Helena’s message was very clear – to achieve her sport’s greatest prize required hard work, determination, and never giving up even when she felt the odds were against her, and this message was applicable to everyday life and learning as well – High Expectations lead to High Achievements indeed!


School Website

This will be going live in the next week or so.  We will be updating our governor information, and minutes of meetings will be put on the website as soon as they are approved.


Proposed development by Barker-Mill Estates between Knellers Lane and Foxhills schools.

Parents from the three schools on campus, and Ashurst residents attended a meeting and presentation of outline plans for this development early in November.  It was stressed that this project is in the very early planning stages, and that the planners were keen to hear parents’ and residents’ views.  These will be collated and analysed before any decisions concerning the project are taken, and Barker-Mill will keep us informed of the outcome.


And finally -

The governors would like to thank you all for your support to Foxhills is so many different ways, and to wish parents and children a Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year.


Best wishes



Ann Arscott

Chair of Governors, Foxhills Junior School, for the Board of Governors