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Foxhills Junior School

Foxhills Junior School

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Our Learning is EPIC!

We plan for all learning to be    


We seek to

  • place children at the centre of their learning.
  • develop children to become Independent Learners.
  • encourage children to take ownership of their own success and failure.
  • avoid excessive dissemination of teacher's own knowledge and skills and, instead, promote child-driven enquiry.



We plan learning that

  • is relevant and meaningful to children.
  • inspires and engages them.
  • gives the WOW! factor.
  • is REWARDED. All learning is celebrated!



  • We seek to enable children to make links between different areas of learning.
  • We tailor and adapt learning to meet children's individual needs.
  • Our Projects make active and creative use of our environment and resources.
  • We plan learning that is skills-based and accomplishes our educational goals.



  • Through our Project Hooks, we seek to create learning that is driven though a Problem-Solving approach.
  • We create challenges that the children seek to resolve.
  • High Expectations lead to High Achievement! Learning is standards-driven. Children are constantly seeking to fulfil their targets.
  • Challenge = enjoyment!