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Foxhills Junior School

Foxhills Junior School

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Once again, we are incredibly proud of what our children have achieved.

Our curriculum is rich and varied! We continue to teach children a full range of subjects right up to the point that children sit the national tests (SATs) in May. To adequately prepare children for these tests, we do introduce practice tests and revision sessions so that they become familiar with routines and expectations.


Protecting children from the pressures of these tests remains a priority for us. We care deeply for the children, and ensuring that they learn how to Care, Learn, Enjoy, Achieve and Reflect remains at the centre of what we do.


We greatly value the support of all our parents and family members, and it is this home-school partnership that helps our children be successful, to the best of their abilities.


To see our achievements, please see the collection of charts and tables that demonstrate children's outcomes in the Year 6 assessments (2018):



Foxhills children's results are well above National standards!



What percentage of our children achieved the Greater Depth standard in the SATs tests? Well, they too performed above the National standards, particularly in writing.




Children in Foxhills Juniors make really good progress from when leave their Infant schools (Key Stage 1) to the end of the Juniors (Key stage 2). This is particularly significant when you consider that the prior attainment of our children (in Infant schools) was well above the national comparator for Reading and Writing.


Though we had anticipated that our Reading would be higher, we still achieved well-above National progress in all subjects.



Children who are eligible for the Pupil Premium (that is, have qualified for Free School Meals within the last six years) do exceptionally well in Foxhillls Juniors, both in terms of attainment and progress.



READING: Disadvantaged children made huge progress when compared to National disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged groups. They even performed better than our own non-disadvantaged children. We are immensely proud of their achievements.


WRITING: Another example of very good progress made, when compared to National groups. Progress is not quite in line with our non-disadvantaged children but it is a year-on-year improvement (for the last 2 years) ... and we are closing the gap! 


MATHEMATICS: Another stunning result!

Children's favourite subject is Maths (40% of children reported this in our 2018 and 2019 questionnaires). You could never guess that, from this result below, could you...? (well, actually you could!).