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About Us

Welcome to Foxhills!

Education transforms lives and shapes futures, and, at Foxhills, we are determined to nurture your child, so they are happy, well-educated and safe. We want to develop your child into a respectful and creative person with an enthusiasm and thirst for life.



Our intentions for your child are ambitious because every child has a right to reach their full potential, and it is the responsibility of educators to make this happen.  Knowing children as individuals, whilst valuing and nurturing their idiosyncrasies, helps us to overcome personal barriers to learning.  We provide a fun and caring learning environment driven by children's best interests.  We actively teach our children how to keep themselves safe and free from harm.  The Foxhills team hold the view that intelligence is not fixed because all children can learn through concrete and appropriate modelling and when personalised provision is embedded. Our staff have the knowledge and expertise to innovate learning so that it always relevant and challenging for your child. 



Our vision for our Federation is that all children acquire knowledge, emotional security and are empowered to take advantage of opportunities, experiences and responsibilities in later life.  This vision, driven by our CLEAR values: CARE, LEARN, ENGAGE, ACHIEVE, REFLECT, shapes attitudes and behaviours and underpins our ethos, curriculum and approach to teaching and learning. 



By joining the Foxhills Federation, your child will learn to:  

  • Treat themselves and others with respect.
  • Keep themselves emotionally and physically safe.
  • Embrace challenges and apply learning strategies in different ways.
  • Engage with all learning opportunities.
  • Set high expectations of themselves; recognise and take pride in successes.
  • Know their next steps in learning and find ways to improve.



Our curriculum is organised into exciting learning projects with a focus on retrieval to strengthen children's long term memories and make knowledge 'stick'.  Our E.P.I.C approach to pedagogy (teaching and learning) ensures children Enquire, Problem solve, Innovate and Challenge themselves.   



We provide enrichment opportunities as a way of increasing cultural capital: school visits, visitors to school, performances, musical opportunities, visits to places of interests. Taking part in a range of experiences builds children's confidence and skills and helps them develop emotional security. We want our children to be active members of social groups, empowered with purpose and direction to positively influence their community.  We take pride in developing traditional values of kindness, respect and tolerance in our children whilst also equipping them with the knowledge and skills to be forward-thinking and certain of their own ideas and beliefs.    



We work closely with all of our families, recognising that you are your child's first teacher, which enables the partnership to grow. We want you to be fully involved in your child's learning, and we equip you with the means to be: our celebration of learning events, Parent consultation meetings and our learning platform (Google Classroom) provides you with insight into your child's learning, their success and achievements, and how we are helping them to improve. We have an open-door policy and encourage parents to talk about concerns or worries with school staff.  Our active PTA hold numerous fund-raising events throughout the school year which are very popular with children and their families.  By joining Foxhills, you will be part of a happy, lively and committed community.



Our children are fascinating and inspiring.  It is a privilege working alongside them and watching them flourish and learn. Our team is passionate about ensuring your child leaves the Foxhills Federation achieving their very best, with happy memories and a full mind.  


We look forward to welcoming you,  

Lucy Howe