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Foxhills Junior School

Foxhills Junior School

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Physical Education




At Foxhills Junior School our goal is to develop the children’s physical competence and confidence during physical activities. To enable this, we ensure that they have the opportunity to develop their physical skills (body posture, balance and movement), participate in competitive games, have the opportunity to participate in a club as well as take part in the Golden Mile at least twice a week.



To apply their knowledge and skills, every class is taught using a scheme called Real PE, which focuses on developing key  skills through coloured fun cards in which they should then apply them to a competitive game. From these lessons the children can then apply these skills to traditional sports like: netball, hockey and tennis. To continue to build on the skills from Real PE, Real Gym is also taught.


In the summer term, the children are taught athletics (vortex, standing long jump, standing triple jump, shot put, sprint and long distance running) where they are encouraged to try and beat their personal best. At the start and middle of the term, each child records their score/ time and then on Sports Day tries to beat their own score to earn a coloured star – yellow through to gold. The aim of this is that the children will see a marked improvement in their athletic skills through their journey from Year 3 to Year 6.


With project-led learning, it means that dance can be integrated and have real purpose for example: Year 3 learn traditional dances from Spain, Norway and Greece and Year 5 interpret a journey through space. To enable the children to really develop these skills it is taught for two hours a week.


To promote a healthy lifestyle, twice a week the whole school participate in the ‘Golden Mile’ which is an initiative introduced through Energise Me. The children travel in a brisk walk, skip or jog depending on the route taken. Over the year, we expect to see that the children’s fitness and stamina levels increase and that they will be able to see the miles covered over the year on the computer.


During break times, the children have access to a wide variety of equipment (badminton, table tennis, go karts, basketballs, Jenga, throwing games, archery) which helps to further promote physical activity. To promote the use of equipment the children have the opportunity to be a Play Leader with the main objective to be encouraging play and organising games.


We are keen to promote participation in sport. As a result, we offer a number of sporting clubs before school, lunchtime and after school which include: football, netball, tag rugby, cross country, tennis, athletics, yoga, rounders, tri-golf, basketball and cricket. We are keen to involve as many children as possible in competitions and sports festivals, so we participate in many of the events organised by NFSSP and Applemore Secondary school; this is made possible with our School Minibus.



Through delivering our Sport and PE curriculum,

  • children feel confident to participate in a range of physical activities for a sustained period of time
  • there is increased engagement of children in a competitive environment
  • children are aware of how to lead a healthy active life.



Whole School Overview

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