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Rainbow Letters - UPDATED 21.5.20

Just a little update about Rainbow letters. The project is moving along nicely, we now have 5 different residential care homes on board and 48 children writing to the elderly aged between 76 and 98! 


Below are some images from a few of the children that go to Foxhills with their pen-pal letters, drawings and also some 'positive messages' photos, that will soon to be sent to the care homes on a card.


Thank you so much to everyone involved.

This wonderful idea has been sent to us by Clare and Ava Ahrens to offer support for elderly people who are isolating themselves during this current situation. The Foxhills Junior school choir visited some local care and residential homes in December to sing Christmas Carols, and so this is important to us. We hope that you will encourage your children to be involved in this project. Please see the contact details below. 

During this Covid-19 pandemic it is more important than ever to fight loneliness with love for our elders. 

Social distancing has led older adults living in long term care facilities to be isolated from their loved ones. 

Isolation creates feelings of fear and immense loneliness... no one should ever feel lonely! 

With the help of local residential homes Ava and I have created a non-profit child to elder pen pal scheme to hopefully spread a little joy during these dull days... 

We named the scheme Rainbow letters 🌈 💌 (Named after the beautiful rainbows created by children and displayed around the world spreading joy!) 

The idea was inspired by Ava’s Great Grandma who is isolating alone and has been too afraid to leave her house for over 7 weeks now! 

Ava loves writing and has been sending her letters, pictures and poems. 

Ava’s Grandma said receiving her letters has bought her so much joy and helped her feel less lonely and scared in such uncertain times. 

...From this, the idea sprung “I wonder if we could help spread more joy in other vulnerable peoples lifes during this time!?” And so we bought this idea to life! 

If your child enjoys writing & drawing and you think they would be interested in having an elderly pen pal, please contact me today by email, text or Facebook so we can get them set up!

Let’s help those most vulnerable remember that they are not alone during these scary times! 

Love Claire and Ava Ahrens

Mobile: 07867491530