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Covid and Remote learning January 2022

We will provide remote learning for your child if; they have tested positive for Covid, and they are well enough to continue learning. Please send us a picture of your child’s test and remember to report it at

How to access our remote learning

  • Remote learning will be via Zoom and Google Classroom. (Parents must create a free zoom account)
  • Email your child’s teacher to confirm that your child will be taking part in remote learning before 8am :
  • The teacher will email you the remote learning details
  • Your child will be able to join class learning on the second day of absence.

On the first day of absence, your child can complete the following activities:

  • Times Tables Rock Stars challenges - approximately 15 minutes - twice daily.
  • Spelling Shed activities  - approximately 10 minutes - twice daily
  • Reading Plus activities – (Y4, Y5, Y6) approximately 20 minutes each day
  • Linguafun / Language Angels

Children should have recorded their passwords in their Handbook

On the second day of absence, your child can;

  • Use the zoom code provided to join the class by 9am for morning registration (unless told otherwise) 
  • Listen to the lesson input and access activities/ resources in Google Classroom. The teacher may end your child’s zoom session, while they complete their independent activities.
  • After morning break, re-join zoom (or as directed by teacher) for next input. Complete independent activities in Google Classroom
  • After lunch (or as directed by teacher), rejoin Zoom for afternoon registration and input. Complete independent afternoon activities in Google Classroom.
  • Remote learning will not be possible for PE/ sport lessons or for special activities

To maintain the regularity of the school day, children must wear their school uniform when completing remote learning.

Spring Term National lockdown - January to March 2021


Follow the link above to see our Remote Learning offer.


Home Learning resources

See also the "Learning" tab of our website


Extra resources to keep young minds busy! 




Summer Term Lockdown 2020

On Monday 23rd March 2020, as a result of a National lockdown caused by the covid19 pandemic, schools in England closed their doors to all children except those of Key Workers and those who were regarded as being vulnerable.


A record of the learning we provided for all other children who were "locked-down" at home is stored within the pages.


You can find specific learning activities and resources within each of the year groups (above).




World Book Online have just made their fabulous collection of over 3,000 ebooks and audiobooks available for free for children to access at home. They have ebooks suitable for all ages. Click on the following link to access them.