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Foxhills Junior School

Foxhills Junior School

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Our C.L.E.A.R values are embedded within all we do and are promoted through our daily learning.  Our value of Achievement is all about children setting high expectations for themselves, and recognising and celebrating all their successes.


Children record their achievement journey by collecting special stamps inside their individual planners. Stamps are awarded by staff for a range of achievements, for example,


  • outstanding learning at school or home (the value of Achievement)
  • making good behaviour choices (the value of Care)
  • Showing positive attitudes (the values of Learning and Reflect)
  • high participation in school events (the value of Engage)
  • demonstrating excellent manners (the value of Care).


At the end of each week, in our high-energy Celebration assembly, children who have achieved a special milestone in their rewards are presented with a special certificate.


Photographs of pupils who have gained an award are displayed within the school and weekly winners can be seen in the front entrance of the school.


We have a four-yearly cycle of reward systems:

1) Out of this World! A journey through the solar system, universe and beyond!

2) Wonders of the World Children travel the world and explore the amazing rivers, seas, mountains and continents.

3) Going for Gold Children work their way through a range of Olympic sporting events. Can they achieve the Heptathalon?

4) Great Britons Explorers, Politicians, Engineers, Authors and Scientists: children meet all the people who made Britain great!