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Foxhills Junior School

Foxhills Junior School

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The link between good attendance and good academic achievement is undeniable.

We promote good attendance in a number of ways:

  • A weekly slot in our Celebration Assembly. Here we share and celebrate the top three attending classes.
  • An attendance cup, awarded to the top attending class.
  • Termly certificates: 
    • 97% to 97.9% - BRONZE
    • 98% to 98.9% - SILVER
    • 99% to 99.9% - GOLD
    • 100% - PLATINUM
  • Constant encouragement: we tell children to come to school, even if they feel 'under-the-weather'. Often children feel much better once they are in class and amongst their friends but, if they are genuinely unwell, we will call home and ask a parent to come and collect them.