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We believe that children should take pride in their appearance, as this will encourage them to take pride in their school and, importantly, in their personal learning. Having the same uniform gives the children a sense of identity and ensures that we present an impressive image to the public. It is for this reason that we ask you to support us by ensuring that your child always comes to school in the Foxhills school uniform. The full policy can be read on our website located under the Key Information Tab, Policies.


All property must be clearly marked with the child’s name. This helps us deal with lost items. The school cannot be held responsible for lost items.


  • Sweatshirt/cardigan - royal blue Foxhills embroidered logo.
  • White shirt/blouse (polo or button-down).
  • Blue patterned dress (for warmer weather).
  • Smart dark grey trousers, shorts, skirt (to knee), skort, pinafore dress (no leggings).
  • Socks: grey/white/black – no patterns or colours.
  • Shoes: Plain black, low-heeled (velcro or laced). Trainer-style school shoes are accepted but must be plain black all over and not display a prominent logo. We do not allow any boots, coloured trainers, high heels, heelies, flip flops or other similar footwear. In bad weather, if children come to school wearing wellington boots, they must change into normal school shoes. Sandals allowed in Summer term but must be worn with white/grey socks or tights.


  • Jewellery and make-up: Only small studs may be worn in ears and children must be able to remove these themselves for PE lessons.  Children should not wear any other form of body piercing, jewellery, necklaces, bracelets/bangles (except for agreed charity days), make-up, nail varnish and false nails or tattoos.
  • Hair: kept in a suitable style and length, no shaved hair or patterns cut into their hair (e.g. tramlines). Long hair must be tied back to promote better hygiene. If hair is dyed, colour should be restricted to that found in natural hair. We do not allow streaks of colour, dip-dyed hair, bleached hair or other extremes of style, including hair extensions, beading and long hair braids (except for religious purposes).
  • We do allow accessories such as hair clips and head-bands but these must be functional rather than fashionable and in school colours.


P.E. & Games Kit

We have kept the kit simple and cheap to afford:

  • T-shirts in house colour (with or without school logo) - no other logos or colouring.
  • Black shorts - with or without school logo (but must be plain black)
  • Outdoor sports - plain black jogging bottoms (with or without school logo), school sports hoodie or plain blue hoodie.
  • Sensible, plain-coloured trainers must be worn (no fashion trainers). Plain, black trainer-style school shoes are also acceptable.
  • School PE kit to be worn into school of PE day.


PE/Games takes places every week and it is a statutory part of the National Curriculum.  If your child is temporarily unfit and not able to take part in PE, you must write to the teacher requesting that your child be excused on that particular day.


Uniform is available from the Skoolkit shop in Totton Shopping Centre, 1 Commercial Road, Totton, SO40 3BX.

Tel: 023 8066 7600, or purchase online at