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Foxhills Junior School

Foxhills Junior School

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Ethan and Louis - football champs!
Ethan shows off his football trophy and Pace medal
Louis shows his Pace football medal
Ajay-Taekwando best student award+test match medal
Courtney - Dance competition - 4th & 6th place!
Ethan&Segio:Romsey Football tournament players
U11 Kwik Cricket team (girls) - Runners up!
Jacob - Football Competition winner!
Matthew - top marks in Maths and Reading Tests!
Rhianna: Level 6 skating (Spins &Teapot expert!)
Joe - Runner up in Tennis tournament
Y3 Tennis Team (Joe,Ebony,Jack,)
U11 Kwik Cricket team (boys) - Runners up!
Y6 Tennis WINNERS! (Alastair,Max,Lorissa,Jacob)
Grace - Best in the New Forest gymnastics club!
Charlotte - Hants Football Competiton winner
Lewis+Sergio+Ethan - Football Competition Winners!
Lewis - Romsey and Windsor football competitor
Olivia - taking part in the Fun Swim event
Olivia - Level 8 and 9 Swimming Awards!
Chloe:Princess at the Netley Marsh Carnival!
Chloe - The Carnival Princess!