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Foxhills Junior School

Foxhills Junior School

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WALL OF FAME - June 2015

Olivia - Completed her Level 6 in gym!
William - So many trophies for football !
Annabel - Completed Race for life!
Faith - Playing in her 1st football game!
Martha - Playing for Pace football team!
Joseph (4MG) 2nd in Hampshire Youth Games!
Phoebe (4MG) 2nd for school in Trampoling!
Maddyson - Playing in her 1st football game!
Christopher-5JK Bartley Tennis Tournament - WINNER
Christopher-5JK Junior Tennis Tour CHAMPION
Christopher-5JK Winchester Tennis CHAMPION
Courtney (Y6) - Dancing Awards!
Courtney (Y6) - MORE Dancing Awards!
Courtney (Y6) - LOTS of Dancing Awards!
Esma (5LG) - U12 Trampolining Champ!
Jacob (4MG) 5km run (24m 36s - amazing!)
Zak-Y6-Represented Waterside Gym Club x5 times!
Fay(4HS)-2nd in U9 Trampolining competition
Jay(6OM) Finished the 3 mile triathlon- Raised £3k
Jay(6OM) Swam 1 mile in 3mins! Brz,Slv+Gld awards!
Fin(4JS) 3 mile Triathlon. Raised £3000!
Jack Baldwin 3NH - Great cricket skills!
Thomas Evan 4JS - Great cricket skills!
Liam Drinkwater 3BE - Playing well in football!
Ajay Sharma  4JS - Star performer in football!