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Picture 1 Harry (3NH) Saints academy Competition Winner!
Picture 2 Erin (4HS) - British Gymnastics Award - L4!
Picture 3 Martha (4HS) - British Gymnastics Award - L4!
Picture 4 Rose(4JS)-Music Festival winner! (violin)
Picture 5 Christopher (5SB) Tennis Winner!
Picture 6 Christopher (5SB) Tennis Winner! (AGAIN!)
Picture 7 Jessica (4JS) - Swimming 25m! Well done!
Picture 8 Nifemi (3AT) Various awards! What a winner!
Picture 9 Zak (6SM) Southern Region Gymnastic winner (x2!)
Picture 10 Martha (4HS) - Pace Football Team player!
Picture 11 Sophie (3BE) - Gold Gymnastics Award!
Picture 12 Flo,Jay+Evan(Y6)-NF Athletics Quad Kids Champs!
Picture 13 George (3NH) - U8 Rugby player of the week!
Picture 14 Bethan (5LG) - Short Story Author and Publisher!