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WALL OF FAME - May 2015

Picture 1 Ashton Gale (4HS) Mangers Player!
Picture 2 Ethan Baker (4MG) Spectators player of the year!
Picture 3 Lewis Twomey (4MG)Most improved player of the year
Picture 4 Adam Newman (4MG) Fair Player of the Year !
Picture 5 Mia Santana-Martin (6RE) Second place in diving!
Picture 6 Lucy Edwards 3BE Stage 5 Swimming, well done!
Picture 7 Faith and Martha Ashcroft (3BE / 4HS) Gymnastics !
Picture 8 Harry Smith (3NH) Players Player in Football!
Picture 9 George White (3NH) Players Player in Rugby!
Picture 1 Joseph Dineen (4MG) - Competed in a triathlon WOW!
Picture 2 Joseph Dineen (4MG) - Climbing Level 1 and 2 !
Picture 3 Bailey Sutcliffe (3NH) - Managers Player , Superb!
Picture 4 Alysha Taylor (3BE) - Totton Carnival Princess!
Picture 5 James Smith (3BE)
Picture 1 William Portwood (3NH) Writing was published!