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Foxhills Junior School

Foxhills Junior School

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Amelia(5OM): Camper Van Competition Winner!
Amelia (5OM) Photo of the winning camper van!
Anya(3AT): Tennis Tournament Winner!
James (3BE): Achieved his Mathletics BRONZE award!
Katie Lewin - Gymnastics award!
Alyssia (6JK) Scientist at the Science museum!
Amelie (3AT) Scientist at the Science museum!
Christopher (6HS) Oxford Tennis Tournament - 2nd!
Lily Rose (4MG) Hamble Gym competition - 2nd!
Joseph(5OM)+Jasper(6HS) NF Junior Athletic champs!
Maddie(3NH) A special letter from the Queen!
Kian (3NH) A proud Beaver!
Kian with the Queens's Cub Scout representative
Noah (3AT) David Lloyd Tennis Competition Winner!
Evan (3AT) All Stars Tennis Competition runner-up!
Evan (3AT) All Stars Tennis Competition WINNER!
Honor (5OM) Family Pony Horse Competition
Joseph 3BE: Poulton's Golf Centre Winner!
Thomas 5SB - Cubs Quiz challenge runner-up (2nd!)
Joe 5MA - Cubs Quiz challenge runner-up (2nd!)
Niamh and Katie 6JK - Freestyle Dancing 2nd place!
Niamh 6JK - Freestyle Solo Dancing, 4th place!
Christopher 6HS:David Lloyd Tennis Members WINNER!