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Picture 1 Jessica(4MG) Giving hair to Little Princess Trust
Picture 2 Amy (3NH) - Winning a Fun Run Award!
Picture 3 Sophie+Eva(4LG)Auditions for the Mayflower theatre
Picture 4 Evan (6JK) - A very smart Cherries player!
Picture 5 Jay (4NH) - Football Award for his skills
Picture 6 Harriet (4MG) - An amazing1060 pts in Mathletics!
Picture 7 Jessica (4MG) - New Forest girls football medal!
Picture 8 Eliza,Molly-Mae,Holly,Fay,Eva,Martha: Football
Picture 9 Leila (4MG) Gymnastics champion!
Picture 10 Hannah 4LG: An amazing Caterpiller/ Butterfly film
Picture 11 Amy(3NH) Distinction in Imperial Classical Ballet!
Picture 12 Honey (3BE) 1st in her Dance competition!
Picture 13 Evelyn and Ruby: Gardening Competition Winners!
Picture 14 Fay and Chloe: Gardening Competition Winners!