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Week 1

Picture 1 Lily testing her homemade parachute
Picture 2 Emil's fact page about the Globe Theatre
Picture 3 Emil's new front cover and blurb
Picture 4 Rafferty created a newspaper front page
Picture 5 Austin wrote a Space Diary
Picture 6 Austin's Viking story opening and maths practice
Picture 7 Xenia's Romeo and Juliet page
Picture 8 Xenia's perspective drawing
Picture 9 Ewan testing his parachute - the egg survived!
Picture 10 Katelin wrote a Viking Legend
Picture 11 Sophie S's Dolphin Factfile 1
Picture 12 Sophie S's Dolphin Factfile 2
Picture 13 Sophie S's Dolphin Factfile 3
Picture 14 Kim worked with Poppy W to create a witches' spell
Picture 15 Kim's Musical Mind Map
Picture 16 Xenia learned about pollination
Picture 17 Tom G's Artemis Fowl Book Review
Picture 18 Xenia wrote a letter to the villainous Count Olaf
Picture 19 Betsy's book review of Ratburger
Picture 20 Emil's cartoon - The Boy at the Back of the Class
Picture 21 Erin's overview of the weeks news stories
Picture 22 Ethan's biography about William Shakespeare
Picture 23 Owen's book review of Demon Dentist
Picture 24 Owen's diary of an astronaut
Picture 25 Owen's fact page about the Globe Theatre
Picture 26 William's Witches' Spell!
Picture 27 William's Globe Theatre Fact Page
Picture 28 Henry's Echo
Picture 29 Henry's Echo
Picture 30 Henry's Echo
Picture 31 Ethan wrote his own Saxon story
Picture 32 Owen's review of The 39-Storey Treehouse
Picture 33 Roxy wrote a biography about William Shakespeare
Picture 34 Zack's summary of The Beast of Buckingham Palace
Picture 35 Zack wrote a summary of Macbeth
Picture 1 Devon has written a poem
Picture 2 James's front cover for Danny's super football
Picture 3 James's blurb for Danny's super football
Picture 4 James's legend
Picture 5 Natasha's spelling practise
Picture 6 Ben and sister creating a lava lamp