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Week 12 (29.6.20)

Online Learning


As transition days have not taken place as planned, your secondary school has been in touch to ask that you write them a letter all about yourself as an introduction.


Be sure to include all the relevant information about:

- yourself and your family

- your hobbies and pastimes 

- what you're good at and the subjects you enjoy

- what you're looking forward to at secondary school

what you're looking to improve in the future 

- what you're concerns may be (if you have no concerns, it's still useful to say you're feeling confident.)


Handwrite your letter as a formal, polite letter.

Address the letter as either:

To my new tutor...   OR   To my form tutor...


​​​​​​​Don't forget to sign off politely and maybe even say that you're looking forward to meeting them in September.


Good luck and don't forget - first impressions count - try your best!