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Week 2

Picture 1 Joe W wrote a page about exotic Honduras
Picture 2 Ewan created a Fortnite Board Game!
Picture 3 Detective Xenia solved her first case!
Picture 4 Rafferty's Biography of William Shakespeare
Picture 5 Betsy wrote a biography about Taylor Swift
Picture 6 Emil wrote a fantastic newspaper report
Picture 7 Henry is continuing gardening club at home
Picture 8 Henry is continuing gardening club at home
Picture 9 Sophie S's parachute
Picture 10 Will's Wonderful Words by Rafferty
Picture 11 Sophie S made a Spooky Witches' Spell
Picture 12 Alfie created a book review
Picture 13 Betsy's writing about Harry Potter
Picture 14 Betsy wrote a sci-fi story
Picture 15 Chloe chose to write her biography on Mariah Carey
Picture 16 Erin wrote a letter to Rachel Russel
Picture 17 Erin's overview of the latest news stories
Picture 18 A fantastic space rap by Erin
Picture 19 Leon would like to be friends with Charlie
Picture 20 A Shakespeare quiz made on Scratch by Zack
Picture 21 James created Big Ben
Picture 22 Improper fractions learning by James
Picture 23 James's letter to David Walliams
Picture 24 James's daily Newsround articles
Picture 25 James created crystals - so cool!
Picture 26 James's space rap
Picture 27 Ben's flag and wordsearch for a family member
Picture 28 Ben's Easter drawing
Picture 29 Max's write-up of his science experiment
Picture 30 Max wrote a poem like the witches in Macbeth
Picture 31 A story by Max
Picture 32 Ollie's Space rap
Picture 33 Can you solve Ollies Fraction word problems
Picture 34 Ollie's sound poem
Picture 35 Long multiplication practice by Natasha
Picture 36 Converting fractions practice by Natasha
Picture 37 Creative notes by Natasha
Picture 38 3D art hand drawing
Picture 39 Austin designed a basketball card
Picture 40 Austin doing some baking!
Picture 41 Tom G is working on a Charles Darwin biography
Picture 42 Tom G is enjoying Reading Plus!
Picture 43 Raffy's science experiment
Picture 44 Samson's questions to Skull Duggery
Picture 45 Saturn story by Samson
Picture 46 A letter to Derek by Samson

Cody's egg drop and homemade parachute

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Elodie PE in the park.MP4

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