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Week 2

Picture 1 Alaina's Poseidon drawing
Picture 2 George's description of a river
Picture 3 George's poem
Picture 4 Ruby's cooking!
Picture 5 Felix's feline description
Picture 6 Mollie's amazing collection of learning
Picture 7 Mollie's Greek myth
Picture 8 Maddie's PowerPoin about the impact of plastic
Picture 9 Izzy's music learning
Picture 10 Izzy's bar chart of the birds in her garden.
Picture 11 Mia's river learning
Picture 12 Mia's letter to persuade
Picture 13 Mia's Greek Myth comic
Picture 14 Mia's shape learning
Picture 15 Vicky's amazing photography
Picture 16 Erin's Easter Wreath
Picture 17 Eloise's PPT on making a lava lamp
Picture 18 James' Greek vass
Picture 19 James' Greek vass
Picture 20 Lincoln's creative invention!
Picture 21 Lincoln's maths learning