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Week 4 (w/b 27/04/20)

Here are some learning activities for your child to complete at home this week.

This week, we have included a NEW PROJECT for children to start at home: The Ancient Maya, which will be carried on over the next few weeks. Scroll down to find some useful links to find out about this fascinating civilisation. 


The activity grid can be followed as a daily timetable, or it can be used more flexibly for children to select tasks from each week. Some children may prefer to spend longer on some activities, or may prefer to swap some tasks for the Creative Learning tasks or other learning activities with their families.

Children should ideally make sure they are reading, practising some maths, and doing some form of writing each day to keep their learning on track.


Remember to use the email addresses on the previous page to send us any questions, or examples of your learning. 

Week 4 Home Learning Tasks

Grammar Take 10 Slides!

Example of an Explanation Text to use as a Model for your Writing

Use these links to find out about the Ancient Maya and to research your Maya city. 

Exploring Maya Civilization for Kids: Ancient Mayan Culture Documentary for Children

The Maya culture was one of the most powerful and longest lasting civilizations in the history of the world. For thousands of years, they dominated the Yucat...