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Week 4

Picture 1 Kivi celebrated turning 10! Happy birthday!
Picture 2 Another lockdown birthday! Happy birthday Tarak!
Picture 3 Happy birthday Captain Tom Moore - 100 today!
Picture 4 Gardener Toby
Picture 5 Hannah's book recommendation
Picture 6 Hope by Toby
Picture 7 Xenia rescued a hedgehog and made a fact file!
Picture 8 Izzy's Egyptians Poster
Picture 9 Izzy's Maths - Rounding Numbers
Picture 10 Roxy invented her own chocolate bar
Picture 11 Leon wrote a biography about Francis Benali
Picture 12 An NHS sign made out of wood, by Leon
Picture 13 Ewan made a Maya Temple out of Lego!
Picture 14 Ewan and his temple!
Picture 15 Sophie S and Chloe T worked together via Zoom!
Picture 16 Sophie S's Fact File about Dubai
Picture 17 Sophie S wrote about a night camping in the garden
Picture 18 Sophie S's Creative Coloured Paper Experiment
Picture 19 Izzy wrote a rap about our solar system!
Picture 20 Izzy designed a new book cover for 'Geek Tragedy'
Picture 21 Sophie L wrote a book review!
Picture 22 Sophie L has been baking some delicious treats!
Picture 23 Maths investigation by Jorha
Picture 24 Great averages for the marble investigation -Jorja
Picture 25 Who were the Maya by Jorja
Picture 26 Thank you NHS and Key Workers by Alfie
Picture 27 Ollie's book prediction
Picture 28 KIvi's chalk art
Picture 29 Kivi has been making clay models
Picture 30 Emilia the photographer
Picture 31 Emilia's chalk art celebrating the NHS
Picture 32 Emilia made a board game
Picture 33 Tarak painted a rainbow on his garage
Picture 34 Ethan's research on the Maya
Picture 35 Finn made a bug house for his garden
Picture 36 Finn's experiment making crystals
Picture 37 A new book cover by Henry B
Picture 38 Jack did some research on the Maya
Picture 39 A drawing of a Maya temple by Jack
Picture 40 Josh trying to figure out the Magic V problem
Picture 41 Josh's science experiment plan
Picture 42 A sketch of a decking by Josh
Picture 43 Tarak practising the recorder
Picture 44 Leon made a Maya temple on Minecraft
Picture 45 Max practising his recorder
Picture 46 Max observing his science experiment
Picture 47 Owen made a fact file about Kazakhstan
Picture 48 Some of Owen's biography about Lionel Messi
Picture 49 Have a go at Zack's DNA experiment
Picture 50 Zack did some research about the Maya
Picture 51 Kim's Maya Facts
Picture 52 Betsy found out all about Australia
Picture 53 Jacob's baking/cooking creations - yum!
Picture 54 Information about the Maya by Ben
Picture 55 x10,100,1000 help sheet by James
Picture 56 Maya facts by James
Picture 57 Selena's slide show about the Maya
Picture 58 James has been investigating different animals
Picture 59 Chef Ben!
Picture 60 Aaliyah's drawing of some book characters
Picture 61 Aaliyah has been practising her times tables
Picture 62 A Maya temple built on Minecraft by Betsy
Picture 63 Chloe To made her own newspaper article
Picture 64 A fact page about Switzerland by Chloe
Picture 65 Emil's research about the Maya
Picture 66 Emil completed a timeline of Maya events
Picture 67 Finn and Jacob worked together to design this
Picture 68 Lily's Maya temple made of lego
Picture 69 Oliwia's conclusion of her science experiment
Picture 70 Oliwia has been practising her spellings
Picture 71 A layout of a Maya temple by Oliwia
Picture 72 Tarak's quarantine poem
Picture 73 Tarak completed some research on the Maya
Picture 74 A Maya timeline by Tarak
Picture 75 Zack's research about Maya civilisations
Picture 76 Natasha and Alex embracing Egyptian Day
Picture 77 Natasha's book review on Amazon
Picture 78 Try Selena's fitness circuit
Picture 79 Kim's Maya Facts
Picture 80 Raffy created a Maya Temple in Minecraft!
Picture 81 Abi's writing about Maya city Tikal
Picture 82 Abi planned a Harry Potter themed party!
Picture 83 Abi made a Maya Temple in Minecraft
Picture 84 William's Maths Practice
Picture 85 Mozart Biography by Samson
Picture 86 Chef Samson!
Picture 87 Who were the Maya by Selena
Picture 88 A pyramid made from Cardboard by Toby
Picture 89 All about Chichen Itza by Toby
Picture 90 Jemma's book review of The Witches
Picture 91 Jemma did some research about Elizabethan England
Picture 92 Owen's party plan for his book friend
Picture 93 Owen made a Maya temple on Minecraft
Picture 94 Teagan practising drawing some 2D shapes
Picture 95 Teagan sorting words, depending on the word class
Picture 96 A day in the life of Teagan's learning
Picture 97 Tom G's Maya Temple

Izzy making Snow.mov

Still image for this video
Izzy H did some super science and created snow at home!