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Week 4

Alaina's recycling tower!
Izzy's delicious afternoon tea!
Izzy's dictionary learning
Paiton's instructions for seed planting
Isla's character profile of Matilda
Isla helping in the garden!
Isla's paradise island drawing
Isla's peaceful paradise island description
Isla's symmetrical pattern
Ruby made some play dough!
Lucy's Anglo Saxon helmet!
Lucy's Roman Shield!
Aoife on her scooter!
Aoife and her sister cycling!
Aoife's story part 1
Aoife's story part 2
Aoife's story part 3
Aoife's story part 4
Kaidyn's beautiful poem
Kaidyn's monster!
Ruby's french learning
Ruby made her own workout!
Rosie's letter to Coca Cola
Rosie's rainbow drawing
Rosie's bar chart
Mia's Climate change song
Mia's yummy crumble!
Mia's delicious eton mess!
Mia's appreciation of return to innocence
Mia's new trampoline report
Mia's thoughtful message to her family
Vicky's Harry Potter wordsearch
Felix's learning this week
Izzy's alphabet adjectives
Izzy's paradise island
Izzy's story time with the guinea pigs
Vicky's garden poem
Vicky's shortbread!
Evie's shape picture
Athens by Evie
A letter to Morrisons from Roxy
Evie's Greek Food
Alexander's Greek Myth
At home with Evie
Evie's Easter
Robyn's Superpower!
Alexander's Art
Alexander's Island
Harry's Island
Bethan's Painting
Lincoln's Big Maths
Lincoln's letter to McDonalds
Lincoln's sub spelling page
Erin's maths learning
Erin's tricky ordering decimals