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Foxhills Junior School

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Week 5

When I was 7 a virus came
Lots of people died it was such a shame
Boris told us all we must stay at home
But you must not worry your not alone

Some days have been tough some days have been fun
But I've enjoyed playing on my trampoline and baking with mum

On Thursdays at 8 we clap at our gate
All my neighbours are there I think it's great
We thank the key workers for all that they do
We couldn't do it if it wasn't for you

So don't let lockdown make you blue
As a country we will get through

A poem by Brooke 3MG

Nathan's glossary
Nathan's wanted poster
Lizzie's solar oven
Oliver's letter to Gangsta Granny
Oliver's story

George (3CK) has completed some reading and maths tasks as well as some home baking. Well done!

Pippa (3EU) enjoying the fresh air, live dance lessons and plenty of reading!

Liam (3EU) mummification instructions
Liam (3EU) mummification instructions cont.
Liam (3EU) multiplication
Charlie (3EU) baking
Charlie (3EU) mummies
Lucy 3EU
Lucy 3EU
Lucy 3EU
Lucy 3EU

Fantastic learning from Eddie (3CK) all about Egyptian Gods. Well done!

Jake (3CK) has been learning to write using hieroglyphics and made a delicious lemon drizzle cake. Well done!