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Foxhills Junior School

Foxhills Junior School

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Week 5

Freya's Ocean Potion
Freya's baking!
Evie's rainbow
Rock Art by Freya
Bethany's art!
Daniel's collage
Bethany's cake!
Freya reading!
Sophie's den
Ruby practising her times tables
A look inside Alaina's homemade galaxy!
Alaina's homemade galaxy!
Alaina's finished art work!
Alaina's melted wax crayon art work
Chloe created a bird feeder
Chloe's bird feeder
Chloe's bird feeder
Chloe's ocean painting
Chloe's map work!
Chloe's persuasive poster
Chloe's timeline
Ruby's reading den!
Max's River Quiz
Kitowa's journey of a river
Mia's book review
Mia's Adjectives learning
Mia's fantastic poem
Mia's speech research
Annie's maths learning
Annie's super maths learning!
Ruby's computer learning
Ruby's dance mat typing
Can you complete Ben's quiz?
Can you complete Max's quiz?
Grace's poem
Medusa By Grace
Can you complete Sophie's word search?
Sophie's maths!
Well done Sophie!
Roxy's cake!
Archie's reading
Paiton's I See Reasoning
Archie's problem solving
Alys's Plastic Poster
Alys's maths work
Alys's character description
Felix's learning this week!
Kitowa's superhero description!
Izzy helping in the garden
Izzy's poem!
Izzy's wordsearch
Victoria's world map puzzle
Vicky making a squirrel table!
Vicky's squirrel table!
Vicky doing outdoor TTRS!
Elisabeth's story 7
Elisabeth's story 6
Elisabeth's story 5
Elisabeth's story 4
Elisabeth's story 3
Elisabeth's story 2
Elisabeth's story 1
James' river glossary
Erin's conjunctions learning
Erin's fantastic Spelling Bee results
Erin's rounding learning
Erin's multiplication learning!
Elisabeth's Haiku
Elisabeth's reading comprehensions
Elisabeths St George's colouring
Elisabeth's Betty the Bottle story
Isla with her VE day flags!
Isla working hard!
Isla's birthday celebrations!
Isla's birthday cake!
Isla's birthday!
Alaina started to make a snowglobe...
Nearly there...
Alaina's finished snowglobe!
Lincoln's character writing
Lincoln's character details
Lincoln's descriptive writing
Lincoln's grammar games
Lincoln's grammar learning
Lincoln's maths learning
Lincoln's penpal letter!
Lincoln's poem
Lincoln's wordsearch puzzle
Elliot planting in the garden
Elliot making the bird box!
Elliot making the bird box!
Elliot's bird box research
Elliot's brain research
Elliot's finished bird box!
Elliot's homegrown cress
Elliot's science experiment!
Elliot's science experiment!
Henry's talk to the hand